October 23, 2011

Halloween not too scary at the Little house


---- — "Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat." How long has it been since you heard that gleeful Halloween invocation? Perhaps it was this morning as your little ones tried on their costumes for the big day coming soon.

Those of us blessed with the opportunity of raising children have myriad memories of the season. Kaye and I cherish our share.

Like the most popular toys on the Christmas wish list, there are must-have Halloween costumes the kids are begging for. We've been given previews of our great-grandchildren's choices.

Zombies are big, along with the usual spate of superheroes — Spiderman, Superman, Captain America... We've seen the lineup running from monsters to a bumblebee. The cartoon characters are still with us, as well as old favorites such as Strawberry Shortcake, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Super Mario Brothers and Ghost Busters.

I suppose you'll dress up your young ones as "Harry Potter" characters, "Toy Story" favorites and Transformers. I, for one, will be pleased if I see witches, gypsies, ghosts, gangsters, pirates and princesses on our Morrisonville porch this Halloween. Nostalgia — that's what I like. Bring on the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. Show me some homemade creativity like walking trees and perambulating pigs.

Actually, I embrace them all, big and small. My hope is that every scrap of candy goes into treat bags and plastic pumpkins. If there are sweets left at the end of the night, I feel a personal responsibility to eat them all myself. I would hate to see them spoil by sitting around for more than a day.

I'd be surprised if we don't greet an occasional Charlie Sheen or Arnold Schwarzenegger and would be happy with a clown or hobo, as in the past.


Most of you know I love to collect, write and tell "true" ghost stories. This year, the audiences have been seated in schools, public halls, around campfires and in private living rooms. Interest in all aspects of the paranormal has grown almost exponentially, thanks to popular television shows, books, movies and regional paranormal expos. For me, it's much more fun than I should be having at my age, and new stories arrive every time I tell the old ones. It's like people are finally comfortable sharing their often private experiences with others.

There are still naysayers, of course. Some are flat-out skeptics, while others are simply too timid to admit that such things exist. I love all of them and welcome opinions that run the gamut from utter disbelief to passionate acceptance.

Kaye and I always have fun with the Halloween season at our 1870 house in Morrisonville. When many of our children and grandchildren were still at home, this location was what those in the know call "extremely active." I've often written and spoken about our odd happenings, and I'm happy to report that things are peaceful and quiet here these days — just the way we like it. We won't have lawn displays and blood-curdling screams filing the air. The only costume I'll wear is the one that looks like an old, fat man who appears for all the world like Gordie Little. Kaye will play the part of the consummate household matriarch as she has for these many years.

We're hoping the weather isn't cold and dismal on that night of All Hallows and that the eyes in all the masks are big enough to prevent walking into trees and things and to keep the little ones safe along the way. For those of you who don't like Halloween and rant against it as something evil, perhaps you should come to our house and listen to the giggles from those who ring the doorbell at 1921 Route 22B in our delightful hamlet.

The Morrisonville Fire Department next door will no doubt lead another parade of trick-or-treaters around the block with lights and sirens. We hope all of you, wherever you are, will enjoy the very best this fall season has to offer.

Have a great day, a happy Halloween, and please, drive carefully.

Gordie Little was for many years a well-known radio personality in the North Country and now hosts the "Our Little Corner" television program for Home Town Cable. Anyone with comments for him may send them to the newspaper or email him at