March 6, 2013

Pinch of Time: March of time brings changes

I hesitate to say this for fear I’ll sound like I want presents, but tomorrow is my 66th birthday. My gifts are the people in my life.

It seems like birthdays are coming twice a year since I turned 50. I just got used to being 65.

As frustrating as the computer can be for my generation, I have received some really good emails pointing me to interesting ideas, like a site where I typed the year of my birth and events from that year appeared.

Baby-boomers born that year include author Stephen King, actress Ann Beattie and fallen-from-grace sports figure O.J. Simpson, among others. Pocket calculators, transistors and Polaroid were all invented in 1947.

The song of the year was “Peg O’ My Heart.” I was asked to sing along if I remembered the words. At first, I thought, “I was only a baby. How would I know the words?”

My parents played the radio all the time, and I heard that song for years (sing along):

“Peg O’ my heart, I love you,

”We’ll never part for I love you,

”Dear little girl,

”Sweet little girl,

”Sweeter than the Rose of Erin

”It’s the shamrock we’ll be sharing.”

It is a gentle, easy flowing tune that brings back memory of a gentler time.

Back in the 1980s, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of computers when the Press-Republican switched from electric typewriters to computers with an eye-challenging green screen and yellow type.

Now I’m happy I did. Computers seem to have come to the ultimate — you can hold one in your hand with a Smartphone or Ipad. Amazing!

I still get frustrated, though, when I get a virus (not me, the computer). I upgrade my security programs all the time, but some snotty-nosed 20-year-old somewhere on this planet takes great delight in creating a “worm” that compromises all my information.

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