March 31, 2013

Words about weight, 'up' and ketchup

It’s time to fess up; I’m writing this on Palm Sunday. 

Although the 40 days of Lent aren’t quite up, the time to assess the situation is. The deadline for submitting the write-up is here. The jig is up. This will be a multi-pronged piece of miscellany about the word “up,” also, my promised efforts to lose weight and a follow-up on ketchup. 

First, the battle of the bulge. With just one week to go, I’m clinging to most of what earned me the heavyweight status in the first place. It has definitely not been a case of easy come, easy go. The first 10 pounds melted away quickly, aided by daily walking with Kaye at the mall and the lack of sweets of all kinds. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables and nothing else between meals. I got stuck at that 10-pound plateau, and there I remained. I’ll be extra good for the next seven days and hope that when you read this on Easter morning, I will have lost a bit more. I really tried.

As for ketchup, the response was wonderful. I can’t mention by name all those who wrote or called, but your comments were terrific. Rose Moore of Champlain sent me two “tomato ketchup” recipes from her canning books. 

Melissa wrote, “How I love ketchup. Many nights, all I know is that I want ketchup for dinner, so I have to decide what I want to make that I can logically eat it on.”

Steffan Beauharnois of Rouses Point sent a photo of his father-in-law in Massena who “eats ketchup on everything.” It shows Al Layo with a special ketchup T-shirt. Steffan’s teenage daughter sent me a link to a YouTube rap ditty about ketchup.

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