December 8, 2012

Concerned about elderly neighbor's puppy


A: Real men fix their dogs. They do this because the neutering procedure makes sense for a dog’s health and well-being in our overpopulated world. The whole scrotal-negative thing is not particularly pleasant for men to ponder, but they must if they want to be responsible dog guardians. Your neighbor sounds as if he has some issues of his own to work through.

A neutered dog is a calmer dog and is less likely to respond to the call of the wild — and impregnate a neighbor cur in heat, which could produce unwanted puppies to fill up the straining animal shelters. You can politely suggest your neighbor fix Cassius (how you start this conversation is beyond Dog Lady’s powers of social discourse). Otherwise, smile and move on with the hope that someone in a position of authority (Cassius’s veterinarian?) speaks up.

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