January 20, 2013

Securing a community's future


Vision 2040 showed this most dramatically. I will recap some of these results when the group that continues the campaign, Vision2Action, has its first annual meeting this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Strand Theater.

The forum will bring the public up to speed on a number of initiatives all designed to implement the observations of the Vision 2040 workshops. A visionary and healthy community needs to attract young people. And, to attract young people, we have to provide the services and communities young people seek.

If the first milestone on Thursday is the annual meeting of Vision2Action, the other four milestones that evening are report cards on four initiatives. One is a community partnership to educate our next generation of workers, called Thrive. Another is an update on the great progress this community has made in recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

A third includes some ideas on how we can make transportation in our region healthier, safer and more accessible. Spanning both the second and the third milestone is an update on what I think will quickly become a great legacy for our community – a river walk that now extends from downtown Plattsburgh to Plattsburgh State University and will eventually extend all the way to Saranac. This project combines both recreation and transportation as it provides a scenic, safe, and speedy way for skateboarders, strollers and cyclists to go between our city and town.

Perhaps the most exciting of all will be the very gathering place. Marshall McLuhan once said that sometimes the medium is the message. The renovation of the Strand Theater, once a grand concert hall and playhouse at 25 Brinkerhoff St. in our downtown core, is almost complete. They are thrusting wide open their doors for this important public event. At the Vision2Action forum, we will get a glimpse of just what this facility will do for our community once it is fully restored later this summer.

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