March 21, 2012

Pet peeves are annoying but can be funny

Ever wonder what the phrase "pet peeve" means? I know I have a lot of them, so I did some research to better understand what I'm "peeved" about.

The verb means "to irritate or annoy" and the noun, "an annoyance or something that irritates," according to I completely know what they are talking about.

One of my pet peeves is bumpy-wheel shopping carts. I love wandering around Wal-Mart, casually looking at things I don't need or can't afford, but that pleasure is ruined when I happen to choose a cart that has a bumpy wheel. Anybody else have the same peeve?

I think Wal-Mart installed a slate floor at the entrance so you don't know you have a wonky wheel on the cart until you are way into the store. Not me. When I notice the wheel bumping, I turn around and take it back. I select another one. And if that one is the same, I take that one back, too, until I find a quiet cart.

Think it's a problem just in Plattsburgh? Last time we were at Wal-Mart in Colorado Springs, wouldn't you know I would get one of those annoying carts. I could not believe it. Where does the company get these carts from? A seconds store? Even Goodwill doesn't have bumpy-wheeled carts.

Like I said, I love Wal-Mart, but I hate their carts. They should consider a job description that includes pushing these carts on smooth flooring to test them out. Any cart that doesn't pass the "smoothies" test gets put in the recycling bin.

I have other pet peeves, too. How about when somebody chews with their mouth open? It used to be elbows on the table were bad manners, but that has long since given way to what I call "muncher mouth." It also annoys me when people talk on their cellphones in a restaurant. I don't want to listen in on someone else's conversation, but I'm forced to when I'm at the next table. Please.

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