November 24, 2013

Giving thanks for family, veterans


It’s rare that families and people can be blended in such a way, and Thanksgiving is a fine opportunity to affirm our gratitude for what we have and who we are. With news on Halloween day that our list of great-grandchildren had blossomed to three dozen, we offered up that familiar prayer of thanks.

It always pleases us when we see young people who respect and honor their elders. As we grow older ourselves, this takes on a whole new meaning. Kaye’s brother, Alfred Vaughan Jr. was killed in action during World War II. His photograph is on our living room wall, and seldom does a day go by that we don’t look at it with thanks to the memory of that beautiful young man who made the supreme sacrifice for his country.

That brings me to the North Country Honor Flight and its expressed goal of giving every surviving World War II veteran the opportunity of traveling to the nation’s capital to view the monument dedicated to what Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.” I’ve seen firsthand the impact the experience has on every one of them. It’s been a privilege to chronicle the flights from this area since they began and to truly honor the veterans and to thank all those connected with the program here and across our great nation.

As we wax our snow shovels and tune up our snow blowers for the winter onslaught, it’s difficult for some of us to show gratitude to Mother Nature. We see the so-called snow birds heading south every day to warmer climes. Kaye and I love to take little getaways now and then, but we choose to face the elements and keep our backs strong by clearing the driveway and sidewalks. We also thank all the road crews who work hard on our behalf between now and the season that follows in a few months.

We thank all of you for your good thoughts about us and our world. Have a terrific Thanksgiving every day and please, drive carefully.

Gordie Little was for many years a well-known radio personality in the North Country and now hosts the “Our Little Corner” television program for Home Town Cable. Anyone with comments for him may send them to the newspaper or email him at

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