May 26, 2013

Focus on true meaning of Memorial Day

This is a time for remembering. I do a lot of that these days. Kaye does as well. We awoke on this past Tuesday, grateful for good health and happiness as we greeted another day on the beautiful Saranac River in Morrisonville. 

Sipping hot coffee and drinking in the wonderful sights from our screened-in Saranac Room, we offered our prayers of gratitude skyward. We also said a prayer for those who had to face utter devastation and loss after the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Our hearts break for all of them. 

We were planning our first camping trip of the season at Cole’s Creek on the St. Lawrence River. We are no doubt there enjoying those American/Canadian vistas as you read this at your breakfast table Sunday morning. Before hitching up the camper and heading down the turnpike, we began checking off the to-do items on our list. It’s about five pages long.

Buying a special floral basket for the cemetery was a priority. Placing it lovingly on the graves of our loved ones helps us to reflect on our long lives with them and after they were gone. Among those resting under the stone is the late Alfred N. Vaughan Jr., Kaye’s brother, who lost his life in Italy on June 22, 1944, while serving his country. He was a very special young man, just 20 years old when he died. His photograph on our living-room wall is a constant reminder.

Calvin Castine and I were honored to be allowed to videotape events connected with the first North Country Honor Flight from Plattsburgh to Washington, D.C., on May 18. We joined the group before sunrise at the Old Base Oval and rode with them aboard their bus to the Albany International Airport. The support for this amazing project to embrace these World War II veterans while they are still with us is heartwarming and wonderful. Interviewing them during the bus ride as we looked out at the large motorcycle and law-enforcement escort along the way made us all so glad. Seeing the fire trucks with lights flashing and people waving from the overpasses was special.

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