January 12, 2014

Maple School to be held

The Franklin County Maple (Producers) Association (FCMA), in cooperation with Brushton Moira Central School (BMCS) Future Farmers of America and Cornell Cooperative Extension, has been organizing their 2nd Annual Franklin County Maple School. 

The all-day event will be held at BMCS on the Gale Road (County Route 7 just south of U.S. Route 11) in Brushton on Feb. 1. The event will offer a wide range of informational and hands-on classes and workshops that will be of interest to seasoned producers, less-experienced sugar makers, and anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of making maple syrup or managing a sugarbush. 

Topics include cutting-edge sugarbush management and maple-syrup production technologies; state-of-the-art sugaring and sugar production related equipment, machinery and tools and how to use them; and universally accepted methods for collecting sap and making high-quality maple syrup and value-added maple-sugar products.

It’s also a chance to expand your understanding of large-production and small-farm sugaring operations and how these family-run businesses produce hundreds of gallons of quality maple syrup every year.

Educational classes include Getting Started in Your Maple Operation; New York State Maple; Pricing for Profitability; Marketing, Regulations and Food Processing; Funding Opportunities; Using Social Media to Promote Your Maple Business; 25 Ways to Develop a More Profitable Sugaring Operation; Filtering and Canning; Reverse Osmosis; Sugarbush Management: Thinning Your Forest; Sugarbush Management: Managing Beech; Forest Management Plans: How to Get the Most out of Maple Stands and Reduce Taxes; Forest Management: Generating Income from Your Woodlot Other than Maple; Confections: Making Cream and Candy; Confections: Making Maple Coated Popcorn; Tubing Forum; and Stainless Steel Welding.

Presenters include specialists from Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension, Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District professionals, maple-syrup producers and industry consultants.

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