January 5, 2014

Promoting power of positive thinking

We’re only a few days into the new year and already some of us have broken at least one of our resolutions.

Heck, at my age, just being able to get upright and walk to the bathroom each morning without aches and pains puts me in a good mood. I resolve to continue doing that. The rest will be gravy.

Those who know me best are aware of my unwavering optimism. The year 2013 was a good one for Kaye and me. I see no reason why this year should be anything but better. It’s been an interesting winter so far, but as long as I can muster the energy to chop ice and shovel snow, I can cling to the image in my crystal ball of camping in a few months.

If I were pressed to make one resolution, it would be to continue starting each new day with gratitude for what we have in our home on the beautiful Saranac here in Morrisonville. Rather than griping and complaining, Kaye and I agree on feeling good about feeling good. We can thank our genes in part and our positive attitude about everything in general.

Twenty-seven happy people at our house for Christmas Eve feast and fellowship made that season bright. The rest of the family was brought close by telephone and we feel blessed with all of their good news from far and near. A quiet Christmas morning for Kaye and me around the tree, Christmas dinner with relatives in Peru and hundreds of good wishes via cards from across the globe. How could we not be grateful?

I spent some time reading thousands of predictions for 2014 from politicians, psychics and journalists. For sure, there will be bouts of extreme weather along with other natural and manmade disasters. Citizens will continue to rise up against their leaders; children will rail against their elders. But, we’ll remain steadfast in the hope that, in the end, it will be okay for us and ours.

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