March 2, 2014

Ready for winter to melt to spring

It’s March 2 — not really winter, not officially spring. The calendar marks spring as March 20. As I wrote this last Monday, it was one of those days where you pays your money and takes your choice. Mostly clear skies over our beautiful Saranac River at 5 a.m. By 8, temps in the 20s, frozen puddles, snow flurries and mixed sunshine.

It’s not mud season, but that will happen. Lake Champlain is frozen solid. Friends have been taking walks to Crab Island and Valcour. When was the last time you saw that?

We can’t hoof it across the Saranac here unless we want to get wet. Thank goodness there is still an open channel flowing by. No ice jams so far and we pray that it melts slowly. The resident ducks love it. They make tracks to our bird feeders and we enjoy watching them.

What does March Madness signify? If you said it’s the principal breeding time for the European hare, you’d be smarter than the average bunny, but not in the main stream. If your passion leans more toward basketball, March Madness has a very special significance.

A new baseball season is blossoming. Pitchers and catchers training is, for me, a sure sign spring is on its way.

We won’t celebrate the equinox for 18 days, so let’s relax and make the best of what we’ve got. I’ve been watching people with round pointed shovels and pick axes laboring to drain their yards and walkways. When mud season gets here, I don’t suppose we’ll see a single child outside digging a circular bowl in the dirt for playing marbles. That’s what I yearned for when I was 10. Playing catch was also on the spring list of things to do.

Robins? We’ve been seeing them around here all winter long. It seems many don’t migrate anymore.

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