May 12, 2013

Patching together a mystery

For me, life is a like a patchwork quilt. One square is stitched to the others, and the collage is a collection of Little life experiences. Hopefully the quilt is a work in progress and won’t be completed for a long time.

One of the prominent squares is our screened-in deck just 3 feet from the Saranac River bank. Thanks to my friend Les Bradford, it is now dubbed “The Saranac Room.”

Sitting here on a cloudless morning, sipping my ubiquitous cup of coffee and drinking in the panorama that nature and the glorious springtime provide, I cannot help but be reflective. 

Quilts are important to Kaye and me. We had a wonderful old quilt made more than a century ago by Kaye’s grandmother. It was preserved lovingly until we gave it to our daughter Sharon, who used it for years. This morning as we chatted with her and her husband, Galen Pavone, in our Saranac Room, she said she now keeps the quilt in a cedar chest as a family treasure.

Kaye and I went to our first quilt show on Cape Cod in the ‘70s. I’ve done radio and television specials at several Plattsburgh quilting shows and will do more.

Several decades ago, a couple dozen of our family members decided to make a quilt for our daughter Barbie’s wedding. Each person created a unique square containing colorful pictures and names. It was sewn together and made a rather impressive gift. I haven’t seen it since.

Last year, as I sat chatting and signing books at our St. Alexander’s Parish craft sale, I met a woman named Angela Swan, who is herself a quilter. She and her husband, David, own a business on the Lakeshore Road in Chazy. She told me she had acquired an old quilt and thought I might be interested because it had the name “Little” written on it. 

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