October 31, 2012

Vanity plates, fair part of fun in Maine

Before sitting at the computer to write this column, I decided to check my old columns to avoid duplication. When you get older, you forget sometimes, right?

As I’m looking through the list, I realized this is my 103rd Pinch of Time. Wow! How did that happen? Guess I never stopped to count because I’m having so much fun.

Speaking of fun, Toby and I have just returned from a week at the Friendship Suites in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Sometimes fun is just relaxing, and we did a lot of relaxing.

Our cottage is right on the beach, about two miles from the famous pier. Fall is a quieter time in Old Orchard. The teens and revelers have gone home, and just the “old folks” are there. We had a week of sun and misty rain. Rainy beach days are for watching old movies, taking a nap or walking the beach with an umbrella. I love all three and don’t mind a rainy day.

Our daughter and her husband, Tracey and Randy, joined us for part of the week, and we all went to the Fryeburg Fair even though rain threatened. Well, it did more than threaten. As we were eating our organic turkey dinner in the dining tent, it poured “cats and dogs,” as they say. Thankfully, we all had umbrellas, but we cut our day short, opting to go back to the cottage to dry out.

Driving up to the fair, you see a lot of beautiful sights this time of year. The trees are turning beautiful colors, especially around the Sebago Lakes. There are man-made sights, too, that I enjoy. One is figuring out vanity plates on cars. I believe they have to be under eight letters and numbers. We saw some interesting ones on our drive up to Fryeburg.

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