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October 24, 2013

In My Opinion: Support for state amendments

As we approach Election Day, I am foregoing my normal letter of support for individual candidates to speak to the voters about the six constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot on Nov. 5.

Some of these amendments are critical, and I urge you to give them your utmost consideration. Using my personal prejudice in support of two of them, I’m going to write on the amendments out of the order in which they will appear on the ballot.

Proposal Five: This proposal has already been supported in editorials in our local newspapers, other elected officials and most environmental groups.

The proposed amendment will allow NYCO Minerals, located in Willsboro, to continue its mining operations in Essex County.

The State will convey about 200 acres of Forest Preserve land to NYCO in exchange for NYCO transferring to the state about 1,500 acres valued at more than $1 million. These acres will become Forest Preserve property.

Once NYCO has finished mining the 200 acres, the company will restore the land, returning it to the Forest Preserve.

This amendment is a North Country issue, which, if passed, will save about 100 jobs in Willsboro. Please vote yes.

Proposal Four: Another North Country proposal, this will settle a 100-year dispute of title to property in the Forest Preserve known as Township Forty in Long Lake, Hamilton County.

Approval of this proposal will allow the legislature to settle the dispute between the state and private parties over ownership of parcels of land. The private owners will convey land to the state, which will be of more benefit to the Forest Preserve than the disputed parcels are. Please vote yes.

Proposal One: Authorizes up to seven casinos in the state.

I voted twice in favor of legislation to put this amendment on the ballot. I agree with many other proponents that the economic benefit of revenue generated by these seven casinos will greatly benefit the taxpayers of the state.

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In My Opinion