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February 1, 2012

In My Opinion: Putting vision into action

My family has been residents here since 1956. We have seen many changes, many exciting new beginnings and a few disappointments along the way.

There will be more changes, more beginnings and, inevitably, some more disappointments in our future.

What has propelled us in the past was, in large part, due to the government investment and involvement in buildings and jobs. From Air Force bases, to prisons, state universities and government grants, government has been involved in one way or another for much of the past growth in our region.

Private enterprise was also involved but these, to a large extent, were service industries in the form of hotels, restaurants and retail developed to satiate our demand and that of our friends from the North.

We have witnessed new manufacturing, and we certainly remain grateful for the investments of Nova Bus, Bombardier and Fujitsu and the countless support companies that assist them in producing world-class products here in our back yard. Their successes are something we should be very proud of. Various government programs also facilitated these successes.

We should also be very proud of the educational facilities we have that are capable of educating our children that allow us to ease the transitions necessary as technology marches forward at a torrid pace.

We cannot forget CVPH Medical Center as a major, highly regarded regional hospital capable of supporting this region with advanced technology in health care and specialties ideally suited for our area.

What has not occurred has been growth in the work force that will support the aging population that exists here and in many other communities across the nation. We are fortunate that we have the resources listed above to help us create the future environment for families to live and thrive.

Here lies the problem. Our various businesses and organizations need to attract employees with families to grow and prosper. In the past, we have looked for government to provide the funds needed to support growth by investment in public infrastructure but not the social infrastructure that binds the community together.

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In My Opinion
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