August 16, 2012

In My Opinion: Let democracy decide dissolution


---- — The Malone Efficiency/Dissolution Committee carried out its charge in an open and visible manner.

They spent an immense amount of time researching the workings of the Village of Malone. The committee has produced the first truly clear picture of the options to save village taxpayers some hard-earned money.

There are plenty of studies of Malone sitting on dusty shelves in the board office. Please do not let this study become one more dust covered volume sitting on that dusty shelf.

The committee looked at the effects of dissolution and, more importantly, efficiencies to save money as well as ways to keep the employment stable for those who work for the citizens of Malone.

Dissolution would save village and town taxpayers money. On the other hand, if the village government implemented the efficiencies suggested, the village would save money and deliver services more efficiently, and we would still have our village.

The Taxpayer Coalition believes that a vote is necessary to culminate more than two years of inaction by village boards. Those who feel they don’t have all the answers they want or those who don’t believe in dissolution should vote no. Those convinced that it is necessary will vote yes. Let the principles of democracy guide the board’s decision.

We believe a vote will draw those of us in the village closer together. We will finally be talking about why we need a village and changes we need to make to create a better village. The positive “conversation” itself will be good for Malone, regardless of the result of the vote.

We cannot predict how a vote will turn out. That will depend on the voters in the village and on the people who begin and continue the conversation about what is right in our village and what needs to change now — not by the next board.

The Taxpayer Coalition strongly urges that the Village Board let the voters of the Village of Malone decide the direction of the Village of Malone. We feel that November must be the time to make the decision regarding dissolution or not. The figures present in the report will lose value if we go into another year. A vote at a later date will only cost more of the taxpayers’ money to have a separate election.

We believe that the citizens of the Village of Malone have access to the best evidence available to allow them to make an informed decision to dissolve the village or not. Let the voters and citizens decide.

Gregory Littell is a member of the Malone Taxpayer Coalition.