Letters To The Editor

November 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 8, 2013


Actual expenses for each of the last four years are $200,000 to $400,000 under budget. Plattsburgh will have about $300,000 unspent dollars for 2013. Using these existing revenues, we have about $657,000 to balance the 2014 budget and put cash into savings.

So, $393,000 over cap, minus $57,000 unlisted sales tax, $300,000 bonus, $300,000 unspent equals $264,000 in the fund balance (produces a 7 percent General Fund reserve). 

The tax-cap override is unnecessary. Their austerity budget still needs to acknowledge the existence of revenue money. There is still time to “find” these dollars and make the town healthy.




Absentee ballots

TO THE EDITOR: I’m enrolled in the Working Families Party; I helped in recent weeks to offer absentee ballot applications to voters whose circumstances qualified them.

Those to whom I supplied absentee ballots included, among others: a single mother with a small child and a newborn infant, an aged invalid mother and her middle-aged caretaker daughter, and a very elderly and infirm gentleman who lives alone and who was barely able to open his door.

I asked each of the several voters to whom I supplied absentee ballots to complete their own ballot, place it in its envelope, then seal, sign and date the envelope, as required by the Board of Elections.

If I happen to know how two or three of them voted, it is because they told me after completing that process.

Be careful, Republicans, what you ask for. One or two told me they voted for some of the Republican candidates.

Since Betty Lou LaJoy and I went through the same careful training process and adhered to the same set of rules, I trust her.

I hope we check Republican absentee ballots as carefully as they promise to check ours. Truth to tell, I think the Republicans have been running scared.



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