Letters To The Editor

November 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 1, 2013

Words of hope

TO THE EDITOR: In Ward 1, sometimes you can almost touch democracy.

Today, it’s at a gathering in the home of candidate Rachelle Armstrong. Around you, old friends are meeting again. Strangers are exchanging names and stories. A table is laid out with homemade soup and pizza from a local pizzeria cut into rectangles so there’s enough for everyone.

This isn’t a party. It is the Democratic Party of Plattsburgh gathering to show Rachelle Armstrong that we support her 100 percent.

We are here to hear her words of hope and determination to use her intelligence and energy to build and protect our city. Plattsburgh and its resources are important to her.

You can not make a better decision on Nov. 5 than to vote for Rachelle Armstrong for Ward 1 City Council.




Testing stress

TO THE EDITOR: We are only a couple of weeks into the school year, and we are already seeing administrators and teachers stressed by the increasing demands placed on them and the children stressed and bored by the test-focused curriculum.

School has become a forced march, filled with work sheets, scripted lessons and a schedule that does not allow for student interests, questions, or concerns.

How did this happen? It becomes difficult to have conversations about this because teachers and administrators are ordered not to talk about what’s going on.

Our school system, serving our children and paid for with our tax dollars, is not something our employees are allowed to talk about, though they would love to.

There are several actions we might take.

First, let the teachers and administrators know that our dissatisfaction with schools is not aimed at them. We know they are just following orders and are facing the threat of discipline for speaking honestly about their concerns. We know they are struggling to serve the children, despite policies they are ordered to follow.

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