October 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2013


---- — Held hostage

TO THE EDITOR: “Won’t compromise” is troublesome in many ways.

It’s demeaning to domestic-violence victims to equate alleged tormenting of Republicans with victims who have been repeatedly brutalized by their partners.

The real tormentors are a small segment of uber-conservative Congressmen who represent some of the most conservative districts in the country — districts that comprise only 18 percent of the population in America.

They are holding the rest of the country hostage, by shutting down the government over a lawfully passed and constitutional health-care law and jeopardizing the full faith and credit of the United States.

According to the Government Accountability Office, the 2011 debt ceiling debacle cost the country $1.3 billion. So who is tormenting who?

As a southerner, I saw segregation. People were treated not only differently but brutally “based on skin color” — his terms. Equality had to be fought for and still does.

Mr. Barcomb would like the 50 states to be free from federal intrusion (code for let “us” live our lives without interference, and “those” groups can find a state with “like-minded” people). It doesn’t work that way — we are the United States of America.

Mr. Barcomb may agree with Grover Norquist and these politicians who want to reduce the federal government “to the size where (they) can drown it in a bathtub.” That is until they need help from the federal government. Many of the states they represent get far more in federal funds than the federal government gets back in taxes from them. So just who are the “takers” using Paul Ryan’s words?

Forty years as a Republican — I didn’t leave the party, the party left me by allowing itself to be hijacked by extremists, and now doesn’t have the courage to stand up to them.




Fenton goals

TO THE EDITOR: I am the daughter of the late Donald and Leona (Adams) Crowningshield, and I spent the first four years of my life here in Jay.

My husband, Daniel, and I returned in 1993 with our five children (Daniel, Eric, Jennifer, Kaitlyn and Brandon) to our current home on Sheldrake Road. We have lived and raised our children here over the past 21 years.

I am currently the bookkeeper at KOA campground in Wilmington, a seasonal, part-time position I have held for over eight years. I have also kept the books for my husband’s electrical contracting business, Fenton Enterprises.

I have served as an election inspector for several years. During this time, I have been able to match many names with faces, getting to know more and more of my neighbors.

I feel that I am very capable to do what is required as tax collector for the Town of Jay. I have the background, experience and desire to fulfill the role.

I will perform the duties required with kindness, courtesy and integrity. I am very proficient with computers and have a great deal of experience handling large sums of money and reconciling active bank accounts.

A few of my part-time endeavors have put me in constant contact with the public, which I have found to be quite rewarding.

I intend to personally fulfill the duties of the position of tax collector; I have no intention of appointing anyone else to do the job entrusted to me by the voting public.

I would very much appreciate your vote on Nov. 5. My name is at the very bottom of the right-hand side of the ballot: Line H, Column 11.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


AuSable Forks


Read involved

TO THE EDITOR: I could not be happier to see a man with the skills, the drive, the vision and the intelligence of Colin Read running for office in our area.

I have great confidence that as a member of the Clinton County Legislature District 4, Colin will help to lead our community to greater growth and prosperity. Colin’s weekly columns in the Press-Republican always showed insight and an underlying optimism for the North Country.

Colin Read’s actions back up his words as he is extremely active with a number of our community groups helping to raise money for many worthwhile and important projects and charities. He has been very active with Plattsburgh Rotary and the Vision2Action group, as well as helping to promote activities in downtown Plattsburgh.

Colin has developed relationships with all of our local business leaders and is constantly trying to help make our community more business friendly. His vision for the greater Plattsburgh area is exciting and vibrant — an area that is attractive to visitors, welcoming to new business and family friendly.

Colin is just the type of community leader that we need, as he understands that the North Country has a great future as we work to combine all of the area’s attributes: its natural beauty, terrific schools and colleges and a vibrant business community.

Supporting Colin Read will help us to reach the area’s full potential.




Legislators criticized

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing in reference to years of abuse Franklin County Legislature has given sheriffs and their officers.

I was hired in May 1984 by Sheriff Melvin Nemier. Legislators ridiculed his running of the jail and overtime budget. He was run down even after he was gone.

Sheriff Pelkey was dragged down by incidents he had nothing to do with by legislators who would rather compromise officer safety than hire additional staff.

I met Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill before the election. I liked the way he talked, and he kept his word.

Mr. Burpoe, he and Undersheriff White have control of the jail and staff, held people accountable and made changes that had to come.

He called the Commission of Corrections for a staffing audit, just like District Attorney Champagne did when he took office.

So why are you ridiculing Sheriff Mulverhill? Because he tries to do what is right, you threaten him with cutting his budget and deputies. To say he targeted Mr. Smith is ludicrous.

Why have we been treated like third-class citizens for contracts?

Chairman Jones, as a correction officer, how many zeros have you taken the last six years? What was the average raise? Did you get retro pay?

Sergeants run roll call, and I ran them. I’d ask if the sheriff or undersheriff had anything to say. They don’t have to incite us. The way we were treated is enough to incite us.

And the 3.5-percent increase we were supposed to get? I believe you had no intention of giving it to us.

We put you in office, and we can take you out of office.


St. Regis Falls


Dependable, trustworthy

TO THE EDITOR: I hired Bill Brudvig right after he graduated from OSU with a bachelor of science degree in business administration and accounting.

He moved to Plattsburgh and assisted Concord Development Corp. during the construction of Edgewater Estates on Margaret Street in 1985. Bill has been the general manager and controller for Renaissance Village, Friends Internet Launderette and Heritage Heights, which he now owns.

Bill has lived, worked and raised a family in the Town of Plattsburgh since 1989. He has served on the Town Zoning Board of Appeals and as a builder has first-hand knowledge of all departments.

Bill is honest, dependable, trustworthy and sincere.

Do the Town of Platsburgh a big favor and vote for Bill Brudvig for Town Council on Nov. 5.



Concord Development Corp LLC



Davis hard-working

TO THE EDITOR: I have been around Clinton County politics for a number of years.

In all this time, I have never seen a candidate win a county-wide Independence Party primary as a write-in candidate until this year.

Kimberly Davis did just that, and what an incredible accomplishment it was. The amount of time and effort needed to communicate with Independence voters, to explain to them that her name had to be written in on the ballot and the work needed to get voters to then vote is unprecedented. Many people thought it couldn’t be done. But Kimberly did it.

Now she is preparing for the general election. Kimberly is making her way throughout the county, meeting as many people as she can.

Whether meeting people at parades, attending or volunteering at community dinners or going door to door, Kimberly’s energy and enthusiasm is amazing.

Kimberly will be a superb county treasurer. Her strong banking and financial background is exactly what this county needs.

I encourage everyone to vote for Kimberly Davis for Clinton County treasurer on Nov. 5.




Thoughtful, involved

TO THE EDITOR: To the voters of Ward 4: I have known Paul “Crusher” O’Connell for more than 50 years.

He is a thoughtful man of integrity who balances the outcomes and costs of any situation before making a decision. He is a committed family man with a real love of Plattsburgh, the lifestyle here and the people who comprise the community.

Paul takes his involvement in any challenge he accepts as a serious matter. He will give his all to the job of councilman as he has done with the Mission of Hope, his involvement with St. Peter’s School Board and youth-related sports activities.

I hope you will join me in voting for Paul O’Connell for councilman from Ward 4 and for the entire City of Plattsburgh.




Training gap

TO THE EDITOR: I just finished reading the New York State Comptroller’s Audit of the Town of Elizabethtown, released February 2010, Town Supervisor Noel Merrihew. 

A copy of this report is available to the public at the Elizabethtown Town Hall. I would highly recommend that those who intend to vote in the upcoming election obtain and read this document, consisting of eight pages.

It is one thing not knowing how to do your job as chief financial officer (supervisor) of the town, but to go on for years without seeking help or training is an issue that I find very disturbing. It shows me an attitude of an individual that I certainly do not want handling the financial affairs of this town.

In my opinion, if those who vote for Noel Merrihew succeed in getting him elected, then they are only going to get what they deserve.




Ferris praised

TO THE EDITOR: I was very pleased to learn that Bill Ferris was running for the City of Plattsburgh Ward 1 council seat.

I met Bill about seven years ago at church. I had no idea who he was, but he greeted everyone. All I knew was his name was Bill and he seemed to be very busy around the church every Sunday morning.

His wife was active as well, and his children very well behaved. That spoke volumes to me. A man whose wife obviously was well respected and children who knew how to act around the sanctuary and often helped out when called upon. Wow!

Since I’ve gotten to know Bill, I realize he is a pillar in the community. He owns a business, but is more than willing to donate his support to a variety of projects. Just this year he provided a special sound system to our veterans (at no charge) for their parades.

He has been an avid supporter of the Honor Flight this year, financial and in other ways.

My late husband was a veteran and served our nation proudly. I am a supporter of all those who serve our nation. Anyone who supports the U.S. military and our veterans, in these days when it seems few do, deserves our backing and support as Americans.

The fact that Bill Ferris lives out his Christian faith just adds to the example he set for our community.

I urge city residents of Ward 1 to seriously consider voting for Bill as your new councilman. He has business sense, common sense and is compassionate and caring.

For those of you in senior housing on Flynn Avenue, I watched Bill and his family as they traveled and cared for their parents before their passing. Bill certainly has a heart for our elderly and those in need.




Flynn dedicated

TO THE EDITOR: We are writing this letter in support of Kathy Flynn for Peru town clerk.

We have known Kathy and her family for many years. Kathy was born and raised in the Town of Peru. She and her husband, John, have raised their family in Peru, a true Peruvian. She takes pride in being a good mother, wife and the Peru town clerk.

Kathy has been Peru town clerk for the last 11 years. Her work is impeccable, neat and organized. Every tax dollar accounted for, the the penny. Honest, hard-working and dedicated would be the words we would use to describe Kathy Flynn. She loves the Town of Peru and her job very much.

Join us in supporting Kathy Flynn for Peru town clerk. We believe she has earned your vote.




Waldron integrity

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to ask you for your support in electing our next Area 6 legislator. Her name is Patty Waldron, and she is my daughter.

I can tell you that the Patty I know will fight to represent this district with the same honesty and integrity that she has demonstrated to me as a parent throughout the years. I can tell, as a parent, I could not be more proud to have Patty as my daughter.

Please help me support her on Election Day.




Professional, conscientious

TO THE EDITOR: It is with the utmost honor and a great privilege to endorse Kathy Flynn as town clerk/tax collector for the Town of Peru.

I have known Kathy and her family my entire life. Kathy’s upbringing in a family known for its commitment to family, friends and community prepared her well as she has guided her own family, instilling those same positive traditions and values.

Kathy’s integrity and conscientious approach, in all matters and with all constituents, is unmatched by anyone.

In her 11 years of service as the town clerk/tax collector of the Town of Peru, Kathy has performed admirably in a professional manner in all aspects of her required duties. The Town of Peru governing officials and their townspeople should consider themselves extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated public servant in Kathy Flynn.

Kathy’s daily professional demeanor, common sense and knowledgeable approach, in conjunction with her active community involvement, communications skills, leadership abilities, open mindedness and strong family values, lend her well to continue to serve all residents of the Town of Peru.

Please join me in support of Kathy Flynn as town clerk/tax collector for the Town of Peru on Election Day.




Lawson goals

TO THE EDITOR: I am a candidate for Plattsburgh City Council in Ward 5.

Plattsburgh is a good city, and we can make it better. But first we have an election on Nov. 5, and your vote matters.

If you want a councilor with business experience, I ask for your vote. I worked my way up in the radio/TV business and spent the past 14 years as general sales manager with WPTZ, retiring last December. I was responsible for keeping multi-million-dollar budgets on track, negotiating contracts, personnel management and many other critical tasks.

If you want a councilor with compassion and community experience, I ask for your vote. I serve on the United Way Board, and I am president of my church. I spent six years on the Red Cross Board. I have recently been asked to join a committee of the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

If you want a councilor who is active in the arts community, once again I ask for your vote. My wife, Jody, and I run Palmer Street Coffeehouse concert series, and I play music with the Too Tall String Band. We recently volunteered to perform for the Strand benefit concert, and I performed during First Weekends.

Plattsburgh is a good city, but we can’t stand still. In addition to careful budgeting, we also must enhance our quality of life, grow our economy and invest in our roads and public facilities. Sensible waterfront development, bike lanes, downtown events; all are important.

But first we have an election on Nov. 5, and your vote matters to me. I am ready to put my experience to work for Plattsburgh. I am asking for your vote.




Contradicts provision

TO THE EDITOR: Proposition No. 5 on the Nov. 5 ballot would amend Article 14 of the State Constitution to allow NYCO Minerals Inc. to mine wollastonite ore on a 200-acre parcel, Lot 8, of “old growth” Adirondack Park Forest Preserve land in the Lake Champlain Valley.

Lot 8 only has an estimated eight years of mining on it. It is next to one of NYCO’s two existing mines, the Lewis mine, which will run out of ore in a few years. (Two miles away, the other mine, Oak Hill, has 25 years or more of mining left.)

NYCO would pay for Lot 8 with 1,500 acres of private cutover land.

The Sierra Club, Protect the Adirondacks, and Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve all urge a “no” vote because the proposal is completely inconsistent with the intent, purpose and letter of the Forever Wild provision in the State Constitution, which says that Forest Preserve lands “shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or exchanged or taken by any corporation public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed.”

Since 1894, when passage of Forever Wild slammed the door on abuses of the Forest Preserve by the state, such as selling it to lumbering companies, there have only been 22 amendments, all for a public purpose, never to pad the bottom line of a private company.

With NYCO, the state has forgotten once again that as steward of the Forest Preserve the integrity of Article 14 comes first.


Adirondack Committee, Atlantic Chapter, Sierra Club


Problem solver

TO THE EDITOR: I have know Pete Ensel for 36 years.

He has always been fair, generous, hardworking and even-tempered. Pete will compromise but not sway from his convictions. He is a problem solver and not afraid to think outside the box.

He has shown a great ability to work with those of opposing viewpoints. He will make an excellent city councilor.

I strongly recommend Peter Ensel for Ward 4 City Council.




Cashman support

TO THE EDITOR: It is with great pleasure that I endorse Michael Cashman for Town of Plattsburgh councilperson.

I have known Michael for many years, and he has been a true believer in supporting the community and local business. He truly loves Plattsburgh.

I know he will succeed with a community-supported vision. He is very approachable and will work tirelessly to implement economic growth in this town. He has a keen business sense and will use his experience to help Plattsburgh prosper.

Michael is honest and hardworking. He would make a dedicated councilperson for the Town of Plattsburgh. He is exactly the type of council person the Town of Plattsburgh needs. Please elect Michael Cashman for Town of Plattsburgh. It’s the easy choice.




Ensel articulate

TO THE EDITOR: We support Peter Ensel for City Council in the City of Plattsburgh’s Ward 4.

We have known Peter Ensel for more than 20 years. Peter is articulate and forward thinking. We know him as a problem-solver who has the ability to bring people to the table.

Peter is an outstanding individual, and he would be a strong representative for families, businesses and the community.

Please support Peter Ensel on Election Day.






Financial crisis

TO THE EDITOR: The Town of Plattsburgh is in a financial crisis.

Spending by the Town Council is out of control. The 2014 budget proposes a 47 percent increase. The largest increase is 198 percent in the highway fund.

Councilor Paul Lamoy claimed that the purchase of the street lights by the town would save considerable money. Supervisor Bassett stated that we would see a savings of nearly $100,000. Instead, the budget shows an increase of $117,000 or 124 percent.

The salaries of town employees are in the top 5 percent of all town employees in New York state.

Space restraints prevent me from listing the many serious problems with this budget and the out-of-control spending,

I would urge all voters in the Town of Plattsburgh to cast out the old and vote for Bill Brudvig and Tom Metz for Town Council. Bill and Tom are by far the best qualified candidates to straighten out this mess we are in.

I would also urge residents in County Area 4 to vote for Colin Read for legislator. His opponent, Gerard Renadette, a Town of Plattsburgh councilor for many years, shares much of the blame for the financial problems of the town.




Morales accomplishments

TO THE EDITOR: Mike Morales is completing his first term as councilperson in the Town of Beekmantown and is seeking re-election.

This is what he has achieved in a few short years:

Mike has worked for openness in town government. He was on the original committee that worked to produce a town website. We are now able to access a wealth of information in the comfort of our homes and offices.

Mike has worked to ensure that the town has an up-to-date ethics policy. He worked with all parties to bring the town into compliance. In July 2012, the Town Council approved a local law governing the ethics of town officials and employees.

Mike has worked diligently to bring natural gas to Beekmantown. For the past year, he has worked with federal and state government officials, NYSEG, Beekmantown School District, Town Council and the Public Service Commission to bring natural gas to town businesses, Beekmantown Central School main campus, the Industrial Park, local government buildings such as Town Hall, Town Garage, Fire Department and to residents.

Obtaining natural gas for businesses can help them save thousands of dollars, making them more competitive and profitable. Providing gas to our industrial park can help them attract business and employers. If you compare the cost of natural gas to fuel oil currently, the savings is 66 percent.

Mike has worked diligently to keep cost associated with running local government down, always looking for places to trim budgets while being careful to maintain services and safety.

Let’s rehire Mike Morales for another four years. Vote for him Nov. 5.


West Chazy