Letters To The Editor

October 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 7, 2013

Downtown development

TO THE EDITOR: In regards to the article printed Sept. 26, “Rosenquest: City Blocks Downtown Activity,” I find it rather interesting that the current administration feels they have been such overwhelming supporters of events like First Weekends.

What a crock that is. I was there the night that we asked for everyone to show up to ensure that the streets would be closed for this great event, and even with such obvious public support, the council and mayor were still less than enthusiastic.

Many times, I have heard of people feeling very frustrated when dealing with City Hall for events like this. They try to point to things like Mayor’s Cup as proof of their support. Well, here is a reality: Mayor’s Cup is dying a slow death; it is now a shadow of what it was.

They wish to blame the economy? How about admitting they do not know how to bring it back to life. Also, mention was made of an existing Community and Economic Development Office for Plattsburgh. If one went to City Hall and went to the door of this alleged office, they would find a note taped to that door with a phone number to call. I have tried this number on numerous occasions and have never once gotten a live person. No one is ever in this office. Who is the director? Where is the staff? It does not exist.

The current administration is delusional if they feel they are growing this city. Voting in current council members for mayor will only perpetuate this stagnation.

It is time the people of Plattsburgh had a mayor and council who work for them, not one that gets annoyed by its constituents.

Let’s make Plattsburgh great again. Rosenquist for mayor.



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