June 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 3, 2013


---- — Women’s equality

TO THE EDITOR: The Women’s Equality Agenda proposed by Gov. Cuomo will significantly help women in New York State.

Our State Assembly members and senators will address the agenda before June 20, the scheduled end of session. The Women’s Equality Agenda encompasses vital provisions.

Equal pay for equal work to address the imbalance in salaries between men and women who do the same job. Women earn 84 percent of the amount earned by men. Hispanic and African American women have a greater inequality. Ultimately, twice as many women as men spend their senior years in poverty.

End of family discrimination to prevent women from being denied work, promotions or raises because they have children. Eighty-eight percent of public-assistance cases for families are filed by women, and 71 percent of public housing units are occupied by female-headed households.

Protection of victims of domestic violence by allowing them to testify by video conference, instead of being in the courtroom with their abuser. One in four women will experience intimate-partner violence in her lifetime.

Stoppage of sexual harassment in all workplaces by removing the current exemption for those places with four or fewer employees. Women are five times more likely than men to be sexually harassed in the workplace.

Safeguarding a woman’s right to make private reproductive health-care decisions. The agenda will uphold the provisions of Roe vs. Wade, not expand provisions, as is erroneously sometimes being said.

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Board member

League of Women Voters

Planned Parenthood North Country


Wild horses

TO THE EDITOR: Rep. Bill Owens, I hope you do better on the wild-horse issue than the GOP-Keystone-approval-slime bill you just voted for, to my dismay and disgust.

Treatment of wild horses by the Bureau of Land Management is even more horrible and corrupt. Numbers tell everything: fewer than 30,000 wild horses “free roaming” (as the 1972 bill requires) in the West, down from 2 million in the last century.

There are polluting mines, oil and gas wells with pipelines and damaging roads, housing developments due to developers being “given” public lands, etc. All but the horses use massive amounts of water, and water is a scarce resource.

How are a few thousand horses too many? Thousands are not millions.

Obviously, the BLM lies about wild-horse overpopulation to please the big-money people with influence in Congress. Disgusting, illegal, and we’ll fight this until politicians who support this are all out of a job.

The BLM’s use of helicopter roundups that terrorize, kill and maim many of these horses is just symptomatic of the horrors so many thoughtless, profit-driven government actions produce.

Can you imagine watching those poor mares, during foaling season, being chased by helicopters with foals hanging out of their rear ends while running for their lives?

As your constituent, I am writing to ask that you sign on to a letter being circulated by Rep. Raul Grijalva calling on Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to act to reform the BLM’s costly and unsustainable wild-horse program, which has over 50,000 wild horses in pens, maintained like unfortunate feed-lot cattle, costing the taxpayers millions yearly.


West Chazy


Carpenter support

TO THE EDITOR: I was shocked and dismayed when I heard that the local Democratic Party had chosen to recommend someone other than current Councilor Tim Carpenter to run for the Ward 1 seat in November.

I can only imagine that the new committee people who were signed up at that meeting were not aware of the excellent work Tim has been doing for the past two years.

As a Friends of the Plattsburgh Public Library member and avid library supporter, I will remind people of just one thing that Tim has done for us.

I’m sure most of you recall that in late 2011, the Plattsburgh Public Library was facing severe financial problems. There was a very real possibility that four staff members would lose their positions and the outstanding service we receive at the library would be diminished.

Thanks to Tim Carpenter’s tireless efforts and superior communication skills, he brought the library staff, the union and the Board of Trustees into agreement on a long-term contract that saved the library positions and high level of service to the public.

He was also a strong advocate for the library with the City Council and was able to secure the additional funds the Library Board needed to meet their obligations.

As a lifelong Democrat who has voted in every contested election since I had the right and responsibility to do so, I strongly urge all Ward 1 Democrats to give their support to Tim Carpenter. He has proven that he can do the job.