Letters To The Editor

May 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 30, 2013

Unhappy about ticket

TO THE EDITOR: I used to think of New York as a progressive state, that is, until I recently received a speed-trap ticket in Mooers.

My New Hampshire plate was an invitation for the trooper to nab me as I was exiting town. Kind of cowardly, I think, sitting on the edge of a zone targeting unsuspecting travelers.

Because I had never seen one, I had to call the court clerk to guide me through the process maze. She cleared up the options: plead guilty or not. I also questioned what the price was, since this is not listed. I was then told there was a mandatory $85 surcharge and the price range of my violation. Again I questioned what were the defining prices, only to be promptly told that it was the judge’s discretion, an elected official with no law experience.

So, as requested, I mailed in my plea with a request for the minimum due to financial hardship and not having any prior record in New York state. I’ve driven for more than 30 years with only two tickets. I drive a rusty 9-year-old car. Not exactly the picture of wealth.

I received Judge Jeffrey Menard’s judgment in the mail with very little interest in minimum. Can anyone see what’s wrong with this process? I wanted to point the finger at being an out-of-stater, but it is bigger than that.

Well, sadly, the reason for my travel through Mooers was at the request of my 13-year-old wanting to see the Rouses Point Bridge, and she blamed herself.

It is also unfortunate for the businesses of Mooers whose revenue will decline due to a lack of travelers because word is out.


Strafford, NH


Saluting veterans

TO THE EDITOR: The North Country Honor Flight would like to salute all our veterans and all those in our area who have stepped up and taken the time to honor those who have defended our nation.

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