February 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 21, 2013


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TO THE EDITOR: New York Agriculture in the Classroom is pleased to announce the eighth-annual New York Ag Literacy Week in support of its mission of fostering awareness, understanding and appreciation of agriculture.

During the week of March 18 to 22, volunteers throughout the state will go into classrooms to read a book with an agricultural theme and talk to students about agriculture. The book will be donated to the school library.

Last year, nearly 2,500 books were read and donated, and thousands of second-graders participated.

I am the Ag Literacy Week coordinator for Clinton County. I am looking for second-grade classrooms that would be interested and available during the week of March 18 to have a volunteer come to their classroom to read to the children about bees and beekeeping and answer some agricultural-related questions. There is also a lesson plan and activities available for teachers.

If  you are a second-grade teacher and would like to have a volunteer come to your class, please contact me at 846-7343 after school hours or by email at

For more information about Ag Literacy Week and to register your class to participate in it, you can go online at


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TO THE EDITOR: Over past weeks, there has been a bombardment of angry Letters to the Editor regarding the new gun regulations passed down from Washington and filtering through the states.

I have lived in the North Country my entire life. We like to hunt, we like to target shoot, we like our guns.

However, I’m also a mother. I have grown babies in my womb. I have experienced the pains of labor. I have held my little ones close, nursed them strong and raised them up. God save me from such a day as the mothers and fathers experienced in Newtown.

I find this uproar on guns disturbing. Are we really to the point where the love of our deadly toys is equivalent and even surpasses the lives of our children? Since when does a hunter kill a deer with a semi-automatic rifle?

I don’t believe the fight over the recent regulations is anything more than what it has ever been before: Republicans butting heads with Democrats for the sake of the childish game of “king of the hill” that has engulfed Washington. Cry out “Hitler! Hitler!” toward our President. Rise your fists in anger. Demand your guns, and grab your bullets close to your heart.

But when your child lies dead from a bullet that could have been prevented, ask yourself if it was worth it.



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TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to all the students and teachers at the Oak Street Elementary School and the Peru Central School for the act of kindness to veterans.

Your letters and homemade Valentine cards were extremely thoughtful.

You have made many veterans at the VA hospitals in Albany and Canandaigua very happy and proud. Congratulations to everyone involved. Both schools should be very proud of these kids.

I am a veteran and was very happy to read the article.