February 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 19, 2013


---- — Watch for America

TO THE EDITOR: I have suggested that we, the generation of many futures, be alert, be aware and be direct with any who talk down America.

We do have the greatest daughters and sons who serve us all in our Armed Forces and as state troopers, police, sheriff’s department and on our borders.

They all would say the same thing: Stick to our laws but protect America, for the more you pay attention to the news, to the rules, to your rights, the more they can help many others.

Examples: If John Bonyear of the House had gotten all Republicans to support him more, the fiscal cliff would not have been passed.

We are dumbfounded about Sandy Hook slaughter of wonderful teachers and children, but let’s be honest, we are worried about our own schools right here. There is no way we would have known about the mother or kid who did this to those people. If we pay more attention, maybe someone can see the cracks. 

Condemning the NRA is not the answer. The Second Amendment is only two paragraphs. The last word “infringe” says it all. You don’t have to own or buy any firearm but you do need the word infringe, which means your right to have that right cannot be changed. Period.

It’s like this stupid tax deal we are being set up for a year or two and then your taxes will go nuts again.

Start watching everybody’s kids. Watch our waterways, airports, drinking water, food shelters, new faces, new names. That means every one of us who put the American flag up and who try to protect the Second Amendment and the rest of our amendments. 

Start with your own neighborhood. Maybe we can live like humans again. 




Hearing Foundation

TO THE EDITOR: Back during the new millennium, a group of dear friends shared my passion for helping others and embraced my idea to create an organization to help provide hearing aids for those who couldn’t otherwise afford them.

In 2000, the Gift of Hearing Foundation was formed.

It wasn’t long before we had a wonderful team of service providers, manufacturers, staff, donors and supporters to help achieve our goals.

Our first benefit was a huge success, and we were able to provided new hearing aids for a young girl, Jennifer. The look on her face when she was fitted will stay with me for a lifetime.

Soon, tragedy struck the nation, and in the wake of 9/11, everything changed. The world was in shock, paralyzed by the scene that unfolded in New York City.

This event took a toll on many new organizations. Funding and donations became almost invisible. Doors closed on many new agencies, along with ours. The Gift of Hearing Foundation was forced to close in 2002.

A wonderful person, Eileen Jones, contacted me and we talked in great length about the foundation. She asked for permission to use the Gift of Hearing Foundation as the name of her new agency and shared with me her dream: to provide cochlear implants for those who could not afford them, instead of hearing aids.

What an amazing idea. Not only was I proud, but I gave my full support.

Today, the Gift of Hearing Foundation is a huge success and providing cochlear implants for anyone who cannot afford them.

It can be found at or 95 Old Boston Neck Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, phone 617-661-HEAR, email:

The seed was planted, grew and blossomed.




Civil discourse

TO THE EDITOR: It’s good to see a more letters in the P-R that argue in a reasonable manner that further gun-control measures are unnecessary while not impugning the motives of their opponents.

I disagree, but it warms my heart to see the beginnings of civil discourse.

Personally, I feel the issue is the perennial one between Liberals and Conservatives over individual rights vs. government regulation.

We must compromise when we adopt the “social contract” where we give up complete freedom to do anything we wish in return for a government that will provide security and stability under the rule of law. It’s part of the deal if you want to be a responsible member of society.

I think that automobile regulation is a good analogue to gun regulation. I’m willing to take a driver’s test and pay for a driver’s license if everyone else is held to the same rules. I’m willing to stop at stop signs, stopped school buses and not pass on double lines. I’m willing to compromise unfettered freedom to drive however I please in order to enjoy a safe and secure driving experience. I might add that I don’t lie awake nights worrying that my car might be confiscated by the government.

We can argue about whether the Second Amendment allows guns to only a “well-regulated militia” or to everyone but certainly there is no specific provision in the Constitution that prevents gun regulation.

The Newtown, Conn., shootings and other massacres have demonstrated that the regulations we have are not working. We need to forge new ones.

And unless both sides are willing to compromise, the social contract will not work and we will continue to be mired in a situation no one wants.




Fundraising program

TO THE EDITOR: I was recently invited by the members of the AuSable Forks Fire Department to assist with securing ads for the annual program they produce for their Soft-Pitch Tournament, to be hosted July 19 to 21.

As I am soliciting North Country businesses and community members, it has been brought to my attention of how many people are not aware that the Fire Department has produced an advertisement program for the past 22 years. The annual Labor Day program is another booklet that several community members did not know existed.

One of the possible reasons for this could be that we are a very active community and several other annual events, such as the annual Jay Fire Department’s Fourth of July Celebration, the annual Upper Jay Ooze Ball and the annual AuSable Forks Fast-Pitch Tournament, also produce a booklet.

It was truly an honor for me to be invited to assist the AuSable Forks Fire Department with the production of their annual program. Anyone interested in placing an ad may call me at: home, 647-5337; or via cell, 578-1333. There is also an Events Page on Facebook: AuSable Forks Fire Department’s Softball Booklet for 2013.

Your support is much needed and greatly appreciated, not only for this booklet that I am working on but for the others mentioned. Proceeds generated from each are disbursed back to the community in some helpful capacity.

Let’s make it fun, positive and play ball.


AuSable Forks


Gun control

TO THE EDITOR: If Obama is so excited about gun control, I would be interested to know why he didn’t start in his hometown of Chicago.

After all, it is the murder capital of the country. It had 506 murders in 2012, 45 in January 2013 — and with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

I assume he would have the government enforce all the new regulations, probably the same government that’s doing such a bang-up job with the post office. Or maybe you could check with the people on Staten Island and ask them how they are enjoying doing business with those wonderful folks at FEMA. 

Hang in there, folks. It’s only going to get worse.