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February 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 11, 2013

Wrong approach

TO THE EDITOR: As a vet who has taken up arms in the defense of this great country, I am alarmed at the demand for arms control after the latest horrible school shooting.

It is not the ordinary day-to-day citizen that commits these horrible crimes. It is not the ordinary weapons owner.

State governments are taking rapid steps to destroy Second Amendment rights or to restrict them. They have given lip service to taking care of the mentally ill but that is all so far. Yes, we have to protect the children, but there are other ways than stepping on the law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms.

First, take care of the mentally ill. Stop turning them away because of lack of insurance or mandatory time limits to treatment. If they are dangerous, keep them away from the public until they are either cured or under control.

Second, instead of restricting weapons ownership or what types of weapons one can own, make laws to ensure that a person secures his/her weapons and uses them lawfully for sport or hunting or for defense.

Last, but not least, do more intense background checks to ensure that a person is qualified to own a weapon.

Too many so-called rights given to the citizens by the constitution have been stepped on by the state and the federal government. This country was born fighting against a king and a government that overtaxed the colonies and tried to restrict the rights of its citizens. It is sad that we are allowing our governments to do what the king once did.

Government should be for, of and by the people. It is the American way.




Problem is people

TO THE EDITOR: I’m so tired of hearing how guns are the problem; for the love of God, it’s not guns, it’s people.

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