May 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 21, 2013


---- — Derby party

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who came out for our recent Kentucky Derby Open Barn Party.

On May 4, we opened up our beautifully renovated, 107-year-old horse barn to present the hard work of our impressive maintenance staff and allow the public to interact with Miner Morgans.

We set up a flat-screen television in the classroom area of the barn for derby viewing. Our cafeteria staff provided delicious southern-themed food and beverages. HD Valhalla, “Hallie,” gave an impromptu demonstration in the riding arena with Katie Ballard, Miner Institute director of research and one of Hallie’s biggest fans.

Special thanks go out to the local businesses that helped make the Kentucky Derby event so special: Duprey’s Feed, North Country Floral & Gifts, Blair & Webber Photography, Adirondack Tack and Alltech.

The continued support and encouragement of Dr. Joseph and Joan Burke also made the event possible.

It truly was a lot of fun, and we are thrilled that so many people are interested in Miner Institute and all we do here.

We hope to see you again when we host an institute-wide Open House on Aug. 10.


Miner Institute



Senate cowardice

TO THE EDITOR: Cowardice in the U.S. Senate was evident at the end of April 2013.

Four Democrats voted with 42 others to block common sense that would have made it harder for criminals or mentally deranged individuals to get hold of deadly firearms. Why? Because they fear the NRA, which gave $2.5 million to support pro-gun politicians in the 2012 election, who chose appeasement over honoring the legacy of thousands of victims of gun violence and their families.

Broader background checks posed absolutely no threat to the Second Amendment; the NRA falsely told gun lovers that this bill, put forward by the Senate initially, was tantamount to national gun registry and a prelude to confiscation.

The truth is that a national registry is banned under existing law. The only people their bill would have hurt were those too dangerous to own guns, including felons, wife beaters and terrorists. That’s who the NRA fought for, and that’s who 46 cowards in the Senate protected.

The votes of Wyoming’s two senators, representing 580,000 citizens in a sparsely rural state where guns are a religious calling, effectively cancelled the votes of California’s two senators, representing 38 million.

We need to harness public anger and disgust about the Senate’s cowardice and work to finally overcome the power of the NRA. Fundraising, door knocking and uprooting opposition members of Congress can do just this in the long run.




Climate column

TO THE EDITOR: A grand thanks to Ray Johnson for his April 7 article on “Climate change: Clear and present danger.”

Well written, it clearly presents the problem that we all face. No one really knows exactly where our disrespect of nature will lead us to, but I — one of many, I might add — am very concerned.

I strongly believe that we all should join in the effort to generate more and more of our energy needs from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydropower and others).

Germany is now at 25 percent of renewable energy production. It seems that we should be able to do even better.

With global temperatures now being at the highest in at least 4,000 years, everyone should be super-concerned of where this will be leading us. Not only here in the North Country, but for the entire planet.

One could almost conclude that humankind is a strange and, apparently, a very self-destructive being/animal.

Thank you, Ray Johnson, for your articles and for your diligence.