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October 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 27, 2012

Tireless advocate

TO THE EDITOR: There is no doubt about it: The new 21st Congressional District is huge.

Voters in Watertown, Massena, Plattsburgh and even Glens Falls will all be represented by one person. This representative will have to learn the varying problems and issues that plague voters across this great swath of northern New York.

While to many this may seem like an impossible task, I know one candidate who is up to the challenge: Matt Doheny.

Over the past few months, Matt has traveled the district listening to local officials, businesses and voters to learn about their concerns. In fact, during his ambitious “50 Businesses in 50 Days” tour, Matt spoke with more than 100 local business owners.

In a district this size, this could not have been accomplished without unwavering dedication to public service.

Perhaps even more ambitious is Matt’s promise to hold a town hall meeting in each and every town in the district once a term (there are 194 towns). As a voter and a taxpayer, I like the idea of a representative that is willing to travel to my hometown to hear about our issues.

Matt also plans on having a congressional office in each of the 12 counties in the district. Incredibly, Matt will forego his franking privilege so he can accomplish this task at no further cost to the American taxpayer.

I am supporting Matt Doheny because I believe he will be a tireless advocate for voters across this great district, not just in the major population centers.




Lesser of evils

TO THE EDITOR: Voting this November involves selecting the lesser of two evils.

Romney’s views on immigration, taxation, health care, gay rights, women’s rights and his abysmal ignorance of the world beyond our borders, if elected, make for a disastrous four years.

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