October 11, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 11, 2012


---- — Help appreciated

TO THE EDITOR: On behalf of the Catholic Community of Holy Name and St. Matthew’s and the Holy Name School family, I thank all those who were involved in making this year’s Labor Day celebration a huge success.

God blessed us with beautiful sunshine, warm temperatures and visits with friends new and old, to fill our Labor Day holiday.

A big thank you to the organizing committee members for the many hours. Thanks to the many people who donated prizes or supplies; to those who prepared the program booklet, our advertisers and those who organized and marched in the parade; to the workers who spent days setting up and preparing food for the hungry crowds; to those who came out to spend your Labor Day holiday with us and enjoy the activities.

Thank you to Grand Marshal Bishop Terry LaValley, the Norwood Brass Firemen, the Beer Run Association, Sue and her team for the delightful Ken-Ducky-Derby, Fred and his helpers who organized the second-annual Holy Name Car Show, to everyone who worked in the booths and to the cleanup crew, you are a godsend.

To the members of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police, who provided traffic control for the parade, it was a pleasure to have you with us.

The Labor Day celebration was a great success because God has blessed us with great people in AuSable Forks, Black Brook and Jay and wonderful friends who come from near and far to support Holy Name School, a gift from God to our community.

May God continue to bless the good work he has started in all of you, and may our school continue for many years to be a place where tomorrow’s leaders learn morals and virtues today.




Volleyball support

TO THE EDITOR: The Beekmantown volleyball program would like to thank all of the wonderful support they had at their car wash.

We had staff, family, community members, School Board members and out-of-town people, as well, stop to get their car washed or just give a donation.

Some people donated in advance to purchase supplies, and others are donating after because they couldn’t make it.

Most of all we would like to thank the Beekmantown Fire Department for letting us host this event to help our program out.

It’s so nice to see a community come together.



Beekmantown coaching staff


Association leaders

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to publicly extend my heartfelt appreciation to Cindy and Tracy Rotz for their 15 years of hard work in making the North Country Down Syndrome Association what it is today.

As most of you know, the Buddy Walk came to fruition because of Cindy and Tracy; but many of you may not be aware of the time and hard work they unselfishly put in behind the scenes over the years as well. One example of their labor of love included hosting an annual holiday party with goodies, a craft project staffed with volunteers if assistance was needed and individually purchased gifts for our children.

Another labor-intensive task they so cheerily coordinated was the photography that resulted in the much loved NCDSA calendar for many years. Cindy and Tracy also took the time to discuss Down Syndrome and answer questions in various classrooms throughout our North Country schools.

The Rotzes leave some very large shoes to fill by passing their torch of leadership on to the next person(s), but I hope they leave knowing they certainly fulfilled the association’s mission of promoting and increasing awareness and acceptance of our children.




Don’t wait

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank the entire nursing and aides staff on the Skilled Nursing Unit at CVPH, especially Tammy and Marie, Debbie and many more on all shifts too numerous to mention who cared for my mother, Esther Reyell.

How truly comforting they were, especially in her last few weeks. My mother could not have a better place for her last six years.

Thanks to the Rev. Don Kramberg for a beautiful mass.

I also would like to thank Valehaven’s Home for Adults for their extra caring to my brother, Joe. Thanks to all staff of all shifts, especially Lindsey Ashline for making sure he got to the wake. Thanks goes to all pallbearers and to Bonnie Rabideau, who was a pallbearer and did two readings. Thanks to my daughter, Susan, for bringing her Uncle Joe to the mass. Thanks goes to Brown’s Funeral Home.

I was my mother’s primary visitor on the Skilled Nursing Unit at CVPH for the six years she was a resident. One sister, who hadn’t seen her mother in 32 years, did come out for a visit in June. Another sister lives one mile from the hospital, and her daughter came the last week before Esther passed away. At this point, my mother didn’t remember this visit. She told me Bonnie, her grandchild and myself were the only ones who came to see her and seem to care.

I had the best of my mother’s last six years. Others cared at the end, but it was too late.

The reason for me writing this: Don’t wait before it’s too late. Keep in contact with family. You can’t miss what you never had.


West Chazy


Caring co-workers

TO THE EDITOR: When people ask where I work, I tell them proudly I work at Meadowbrook Healthcare.

The reason I say this is not only that they take excellent care of the residents and the patients but the employees as well. I had to be out of work for two weeks in August because of a medical condition. My boss, Molly Ahern, had no problems in giving it to me off and wanted to make sure that I got better. Amy Drollette and Diane Welch helped me do all the paperwork I needed to get my disability and help paying my hospital bills.

I went back to work and had to be out again for the same illness, and again I had to be out of work. This time, I went to Molly, and she was so amazing because she took the time to listen to me and offered me so much support that it made it easier for me to deal with my medical issue. Molly then contacted Administrator Paul Richards, and between the two of them found a way to help me with the financial side of my medical issue.

I am so thankful that I work at Meadowbrook because there are not many places that would go above and beyond to help a employee with their problems.

I would also like to thank Jason and Monique Williamson and Kayla Christon and my co-workers who have been awesome helping me deal with this issue.

Like I said, you could not find a better place to work where everyone is so caring and helpful and are always willing to help. Thank you again, everyone at Meadowbrook Healthcare; you made this so much easier for me to deal with.




State corruption

TO THE EDITOR: How long are we going to put up with the corruption in this state?

How can legislators get away with these sex crimes and those in authority pay off the people to keep them quiet?

I am writing about the scandal of Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn), who has sexually harassed women staffers for sometime. His accusation of June scandal paid off $103,000 of our money paid by Sheldon Silver, another Democrat, and also the Comptroller’s Office.

I don’t care if it is Democrat or Republican; how long do we have to put up with this corruption? Our state is in a financial mess. Please quit voting for party and start looking at the morals and background of those running for office.

Also, Press-Republican, why the story on page 13 of today’s paper, Sept. 28? If it would have been a Republican, I’m sure it would have went on Page 1.