Letters To The Editor

April 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor: April 2, 2014

Veterans discount

TO THE EDITOR: As a veteran who is seriously looking into buying a house in the City of Plattsburgh, I am very concerned about the School Board’s decision not to approve, at this time, the veterans discount on school taxes.

When we answered the call to arms, we did not ask for special considerations nor will we now.

Most communities in the immediate area show their appreciation by extending this discount to their veterans. If the Plattsburgh School Board does not, so be it. We were not expecting this generous consideration but are grateful for it if it happens.

I have always been proud of my family’s military accomplishments from my father’s WWII service, my uncles’ service in Korea, my own service in Vietnam and finally my sons (both of them) in Iraq and the no-fly zone before Operation Enduring Freedom.

We have served in every branch and in every war since my dad’s involvement. Perhaps there are other relatives that have served in other American conflicts. If so, I am grateful and proud of them, too. I can only hope that my grandchildren do not have to serve in war zones.

To those of you who have served or who are serving, thank you for your service. To those of you who are considering serving, you could not ask for a more honorable vocation. I wish you luck in your future as a member of the armed services.

Plattsburgh has always impressed me and other members of the military as a military-friendly town. It has always welcomed the military and former military with open arms and a friendly smile.

It can be proud of its military heritage despite the outcome of this School Board decision not to approve the discount for 2014-15.



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