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November 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 21, 2012


I put my husband on my cell phone who explains that our “lesion” was done a year ago by him hitting the side of the garage entryway. He did the same thing two to three years ago, and we had it repaired — this time did not. Our garage bears the evidence.

I plead my 40 years accident-free, and I wonder if my age and being female says more, in his opinion? We visited our auto body shop, and they even have photographs of lesion and the car guy said: “You did a repeat on the garage I see” and said this is obviously old wound and said “I see no evidence of paint transfer.”

My point is that the cop’s report is crucial — what he says counts — nothing I say does — everything the other person says is taken as true? The other sad fact is one does not know what is in the police report until two weeks have passed. And by then insurance company has already settled.

My plea is to the police to be sure your report is accurate.

I have no rights?




Pool temperature

TO THE EDITOR: The temperature of the pool at the Wellness Center at PARC is too cold for people with arthritis and joint replacements and muscle problems.

The communications from members and doctors have been brushed off. Power Wellness is the company contracted by the hospital to run the center.

In a letter to members dated Dec. 20, 2011, they stated their goals were (1) to fulfill CVPH’s mission for the center and (2) to enhance services to meet the needs of members, patients and community residents and improve their fitness, health and wellness.

In this, they have failed in not having a temperature of 84 to 86 degrees minimum to meet the health needs of over-50 members.

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