Letters To The Editor

August 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 10, 2013

Animal sales

TO THE EDITOR: The horrible news regarding Northern Puppies Pet Shop should serve as an eye-opener for us.

Puppies sold in many pet shops come from puppy mills. These puppy mills are places of diseases and suffering for dogs. The dogs used for breeding are mostly starved, ill, full of fleas, living in cages that would make septic tanks look immaculate, living miserable lives.

The only purpose for their existence is business profit: to make puppies for sale. Most of these puppies themselves carry active or latent diseases. When they are bought, the illnesses manifest themselves soon enough, causing “buyer’s regret.” Then they end up surrendered to shelters, if not abandoned.

The same with kittens. Pure-bred kittens likely come from disreputable mills; the domestic ones come by consignment from locals whose own cats have had a litter and want to get rid of the kittens — also for a profit.

No living creature, especially innocent and helpless living creatures, deserves to be subjected to suffering and pain. We should make it our personal concern to stop this cruelty.

The most practical thing we could do, in this instance, is to not buy pets from pet shops. Let us not reward with our own money these merchants of suffering and death.

There are so many animals in humane shelters — each one waiting for a human to give them a loving home.

Seriously, New York should look into passing a law forbidding the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops. I believe they have this law now in California.




Animal abuse

TO THE EDITOR: How can someone abuse animals?

It is not right to abuse helpless animals. They have THE right to be happy. They also should have enough food to eat, A warm place to live, and if they do get hurt or sick, do the right thing by bringing them to the vet.

Abuse an animal and go to jail.



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