July 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 9, 2013


---- — Starting business

TO THE EDITOR: Have you or any one you know attempted to start a new business in Clinton County recently?

If so, then I am sure you know how difficult it is. You start by obtaining the applications for a state-issued license. You fill it out, mail it in, then wait five to six weeks to get a response informing you are missing information.

Then you fill out the missing information and mail it again, only to get it back six weeks later, missing more information that the office of licensing did not pick up the first time.

And so it goes on for months just to start a business that will create jobs and sales-tax revenues in the county.

The DMV, for example, when you are applying for a garage keeper, car sales or anything that falls under their jurisdiction, will send your application back due to the fact you did not include a copy of your license. That is odd; I thought they have all my information in their system. Why not look it up and print a copy or email you or phone you so you may speed up the process. But, no, you will have to wait another four to six weeks.

It is frustrating and discouraging to obtain any type of state license.

Here is a simple solution for the upstate New York area — I mean the real upstate, not Albany — we should have a licensing review office. Their job is to help the businessperson in this area complete and submit the application so we can open a new business without wasting valuable time.

I hope our representatives in Albany will do something productive.




Chateaugay benefit

TO THE EDITOR: The Chateaugay 10-K Committee held its fundraising event on June 8 to benefit Disabled American Veterans in its efforts to purchase a van to transport veterans to their medical appointments.

The Chateaugay 10-K Committee would like to gratefully thank all the sponsors, volunteers, registrants and generous donations that made the event an overwhelming success.

Specifically, we would like to recognize and thank the sponsors who made this event possible: Casella Organics, Kevin and Roberta O’Neill, Adirondack Energy, Noble Energy, Agri-Mark, Community Bank, Chateaugay Rotary Club, Chateaugay Fire Department, Chateaugay American Legion Auxiliary, Amber’s Hair Salon and Bub’s Enterprises.

We thank our many volunteers that helped at the registration tables, water stations and cleanup, in addition the excellent road patrol personnel who provided safety throughout the event, including Ricky Provost, Franklin County Emergency Services, Sheriff Mulverhill and the Sheriff’s Department, Dick Bolster and Franklin County Fire Police, Matt Helm and the Chateaugay Fire Department, State Police and Kirby Cook, Town of Chateaugay.

Lastly, we thank all the individuals who gave monetary donations and a very generous donation from T.D.


And the Chateaugay 10-K Committee



Slow-pitch booklet

TO THE EDITOR: The Advertisement Booklet for 23rd-annual Slow-Pitch Tournament, hosted by AuSable Forks

Volunteer Fire Department, is completed and will be ready for distribution from July 19 to 21 at Billy Mitchell Memorial Field.

On behalf of the Fire Department, I would like to thank the generous North Country residents, as well as natives of the area who moved out of state, and businesses for so kindly 

sponsoring an ad in the booklet, which will be viewed by an abundance of dedicated fans during this fun-filled, three-day community event.

I am very pleased to announce that your continued sponsorship has allowed me to exceed my set goal by more than $1,500. Proceeds generated from the booklet will be disbursed to assist the Fire Department with fire and rescue equipment, fire-prevention programs, Christmas dinner at the Fire Station, the annual Christmas in the Forks holiday event and a Christmas movie for children and family to enjoy at Hollywood Theatre.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the AuSable Forks Volunteer Fire Department for inviting me to coordinate the advertisement solicitation for the booklet. It’s truly been an honor to work with department members in making the program a huge success.

If you missed placing your ad in this booklet or the one for the Annual Fast-Pitch Tournament this year, please keep in mind that the Upper Jay Fire Department will be producing a booklet to disburse to Oozeball fans Aug. 10 and 11. And, I have accepted the invitation from the Holy Name Parish to coordinate their annual Labor Day Celebration booklet and look forward to the continued support.

Again, thank you for your continued sponsorship and community support toward annual events.


Softball Committee

AuSable Forks Volunteer Fire Department