Letters To The Editor

April 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 27, 2013

Action is power

TO THE EDITOR: For some reason, we Americans have allowed one of the greatest travesties of governmental law-making to slip by, until now when we have a lawmaking society composed of “bought and paid for” legislators.

I am not casting all of Congress in this category, only those members who have one allegiance, that to the entity that has funded their election success, to vote in favor of the donor’s greed and benefit.

The refusal of a party to act for the people and to allow our government to stagnate while trying to dethrone our president and the will of the people has to cease. Our votes count for nothing, thanks to this group that has used filibusters and greed to stop almost all proposed legislation from passing.

Now is the time for each of us to use the polls in every national election to make each candidate state for the record their beliefs and promises if elected. It is imperative we remember his/her past performance if running for re-election, and if this candidate has not performed the duties of their office, to remember and vote for a new breed of lawmaker, one that has the interest of the people at heart.

Outside money interests from all businesses, financial, unions, manufacturers, Wall Street that have crippled the ballot voting for the public domain must be stopped immediately. Parties and legislators that succumb to this bribery should be punished severely.

All legislators that filibuster and refuse to vote by shutting down or taking “vacations,” depriving sessions of voting activity, should be deprived of salary compensation for time not in service. Being present for pending legislation must be made mandatory.

Now is the time to bring America back to the voter. Ballpark-speak: “Throw out the bums.” Action is power.

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