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September 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 11, 2013


As we approach the 48th anniversary of this historic civil-rights legislation, the Voting Rights Act remains an essential protection against the thinly veiled discrimination that still threatens Americans’ right to vote. Congress needs to move swiftly to overcome this decision and restore the effectiveness of the Voting Rights Act.

The Shelby decision is a call to action for all who believe all Americans should have fair and equal access to the ballot. Now is the time to look in the Press-Republican (Sundays) for the contact numbers of your member of Congress and tell him or her to repair the Voting Rights Act before any more damage is done.

Meantime, be sure that the local League of Women Voters is pursuing the issue within its study group on Election Reform.

For more information about this group, please contact Sara Hurwitz, study chair, at 324-6041; Suzy Johnson, co-chair, at 561-0917; or me at 561-7199.


Plattsburgh League of Women Voters president

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Letters To The Editor