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September 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 11, 2013

Wonderful experience

TO THE EDITOR: The SUNY Plattsburgh Summer Safari 2013 offered a summer theater workshop for young performers, ages 8 to 18.

Under the incredibly multi-talented direction of Gilles and Mary Fortin and Kym Taylor, 45 children in 13 short days were transformed into the world of live theater. What an experience they had. Every participant was able to demonstrate the confidence he or she acquired in the art of acting.

It is difficult to realize that in this short period of time these young inexperienced novices found themselves presenting a remarkable, full-scale, professional performance of Disney’s “My Son Pinocchio Jr.”  It was awesome.

On a personal note, I had the lifetime opportunity of observing my 9-year-old granddaughter, Sophia Anna, change from a shy but willing, insecure but eager-to-become-involved-beginner to a self-confident, excited and devoted student of acting. I am confident that other parents and guardians can give similar testimony.

Mary, Gilles and Kym have touched the lives of these young performers forever. Bravo and thank you.

Also, kudos to Kate Chilton, the SUNY Plattsburgh director of college services, for making this live theater event become a reality through Summer Safari.




Veterans access

TO THE EDITOR: Advocates and activists in the community of disabled persons have worked for years to educate people in government, private business and health-care providers about issues of disability that remain barriers in our County, regardless of the many laws that have been passed to create equal access and opportunity for all.

In a Jan. 6 article in the Press Republican, I was interviewed regarding advocacy I have been doing for years to further our progress. I am sad to report that much of our county, many private entities and some health-care providers remain inaccessible to people with disabilities. All efforts, both individually and collectively, seem to fall on “deaf” ears.

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