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August 31, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 31, 2013

Effective counselor

TO THE EDITOR: I am pleased to support Rachelle Armstrong, Democratic candidate, in the Democratic primary on Sept. 10.

While I agree with her platform, in general, I’m especially impressed with her ideas about waterfront development.

I agree with her position that shores of Lake Champlain and the Saranac River, our most treasured natural resources, need to be developed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Further, we agree that appropriate protective policies need to be put in place to ensure that our lake can be enjoyed for generations. Finally, we agree that any plan for development on the lake shore must include public access. We need to make our waterfront an inviting area with more activity and opportunities for recreation.

Rachelle Armstrong would be an effective councilor who sees the big picture in this and other issues affecting Plattsburgh.

I urge my neighbors on the Old Base, new residents of Ward 1, as well as all ward democrats to vote for her in the Primary Election noon to 9 p.m. Sept. at Pine Harbour, 15 New Hampshire.




Constitution demise

TO THE EDITOR: Our government under President Obama is running amok, and most people are just sitting back and watching the demise of our Constitution.

He has bypassed Congress on several occasions when he feels like it. The latest one in the tax increase on our telephone bill to fund a WiFi system for schools. We have heard that before when free cell phones for almost everyone was started and expanded. Taxes on my monthly telephone bill are now over 32 percent of the bill. Only Congress has the authority to enact new or additional taxes.

The president has turned to executive orders, policy directives, waivers, signing statements and other administrative steps to bypass Congress and act on laws including immigration, welfare, education reform, gun violence and implementing Obamacare.

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