Letters To The Editor

August 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 22, 2013


The author proffered a solution consisting mainly of young black men altering societal perceptions of them through behavorial changes coupled with a pro-active, evolving government. Problematic, when one political party constantly spews bilious invective, aggressively pursues regressive legislation, provides safe haven for bigots and then mocks minority outrage.

Instead of rap music and imagery, one might have considered de-industrialization; corporate outsourcing; governmental apathy regarding housing, education and jobs; racist drug wars; racial profiling; unequal application of laws; voter suppression; and lax gun laws.

The election of a black president wasn’t the dawning of a post-racial America but the awakening of racist elements and the intensification of efforts to maintain a fading white dominance.

Not surprisingly, Republicans cynically politicized and attempted to capitalize on festering societal schisms and roll back decades of progress, again.


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Letters To The Editor