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October 3, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 3, 2012

Water temperature

TO THE EDITOR: This is a thank-you to Mr. Wibecan for his column on the pool temperature “tempest” at the PARC Wellness Center.

I’m really glad he brought the changes to public view.

When CVPH first notified Wellness Center members that management was changing, I went to the website of the new management company. I noted then that the majority of the facilities it managed were college fitness centers. And I knew that the focus would be changing at the Wellness Center.

As a member of the over-60 age group, I view the cavalier treatment of the older Wellness Center members vis a vis the pool temperature as simply another example of shallow managerial thinking. The age group I’m in is the one with disposable income. And there are a lot of us.

Not only do we have the money to spend, we tend to be loyal to a business that treats us well. To change the focus of services to attract a much younger demographic ignores a basic business principle: Market to your biggest audience.

Yes, it’s hip to be young. Those are the bodies you want in your advertising, not those of us Boomers. But whose checks do you want to be receiving month after month, year after year? We may be slow, but we’re sure. And we have lots of friends, and not just the Facebook variety.

Maybe we could teach the management company something here.




Land access

TO THE EDITOR: It’s wonderful that the governor was able to visit Boreas Ponds. However, his comment that it will be open to the public is misleading.

If this “Jewel of the Adirondacks” is classified as Wilderness, there will be no “public” access.

This is assuming that the DEC and APA don’t come up with new interpretations of the State Land Master Plan regulations.

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