October 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 10, 2012


---- — Failed administration

TO THE EDITOR: Forty-five months is enough to see that this administration has failed to steer this country into the direction we need to go.

Takes more than juggling figures, new borrowing from unfriendly competitors, handing favors overseas or passing unread laws (accurate synopsis permitted).

We need a change back to the proven American Judeo-Christian policies while loving those of our citizens and residents of other faiths.

The American taxpayers should not be forced to splash out monies that people in Washington or state capitals see fit to support regimes that waste their own finances by unprofitable spending.

By taxes and more federal debts, why should we taxpayers be required to support the extermination of live, unborn infants all over the world, including the United States, except in cases of pregnancies that would result in the death or severe health problems to the prospective mothers or struggling fetuses? Those would be decisions by experienced medical personnel. Most Americans do not want to be accomplices to rubouts of these very helpless individuals.

Or why should we tolerate shoddy quality imports, from poor machinery, gadgets, uninspected, unsanitary or artificially flavored foods? Jobs here at home invariably produce good-quality products.

Public leaders need have profitable, commendable experience in businesses and other organizations. Vote for the candidates that will pass your tests in their next terms in office.




Arrogant entitlement

TO THE EDITOR: I read in amazement that State Assemblywoman Janet Duprey was “a bit annoyed that she had to run a primary after 37 years in the party and 14 elections wins.”

What arrogance. I would remind Mrs. Duprey and any other elected official that even if they single-handedly balance the budget and bring about world peace, they are still beholden to the voters to present their case come election time.

Does Mrs. Duprey think she is entitled to a seat in the Assembly as long as she wants it just because of years of service?

Mrs. Duprey, any eligible citizen has the right to run against you, whether it annoys you or not.

This example of arrogant entitlement on the part of an elected official speaks to the problems in our political world today.


Ellenburg Depot


Disabilities, pedestrians

TO THE EDITOR: The North Country Center for Independence wants to hear from people who have experienced incidents involving cars and pedestrians with disabilities.

It could be wheelchair users, people walking with crutches, walkers or guide dogs or people with hearing or visual impairments. We are looking for actual accidents or any kind of “near miss.” Our purpose in asking is to assess whether traffic rules need to be strengthened or clarified or whether there is a need for extra public education on the rights and responsibilities of all pedestrians, including those with disabilities, and drivers using our public sidewalks, crosswalks and streets.

If you have experiences or opinions on this topic, please call NCCI at 563-9058.