December 15, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 15, 2012


---- — Imagine United Way

TO THE EDITOR: With all that is happening around us, we sometimes forget the good that our donations to the United Way can accomplish.

Let’s take a moment and “imagine” Hospice with no funds for bereavement services or Life Flight lacking the funds to purchase fuel to carry a heart-attack victim or suddenly ill child to needed medical care. The list goes on.

Every one of the 41 partner agencies of the United Way of the Adirondack Region relies on the generosity of North Country residents like you and me to provide a vital service to our area. Last year, 80,000 of our friends and family in Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties received some type of assistance through these agencies. 

The life blood of the United Way is the employee campaign; employers invite us in to present a short video and explain to the staff and employees the mission of the United Way.

There is no “hard sell” but most individuals, when presented with the facts, find it in their hearts to give what the can. Employer provided payroll deduction makes giving so much easier for the employee.

Please, if you are an employer or HR director, contact the United Way at 563-0028 to learn more about sponsoring a campaign in your place of work.

I urge you to give your employees the chance to be generous, to give back. We are all part of a larger community. The United Way is here to assist all of us in supporting the agencies and programs that are so important to the vitality of our region.

One parting thought, anyone can give to the United Way. You don’t have to give through an employee campaign. Direct billing is always an option.


2013 United Way campaign chair


Accident recovery

TO THE EDITOR: They say every cloud has a silver lining. We have found that to be an understatement. We were involved in a car accident in June and since that time the blessings we have experienced are overwhelming.

The list begins with the courageous couple who helped us out of our car and stayed with us until the ambulances arrived. Next are the EMTs who transported us to CVPH, where the ER staff gently and patiently treated us, ultimately sending us to Burlington.

The care we received at Fletcher Allen was so professional yet it felt so personal. Our outcomes have been better than expected and we wonder how to thank all the angels and heroes who have played huge roles in our ongoing recoveries.

The caring staff of Subacute at Meadowbrook and all the fantastic therapists who managed to keep spirits and motivation high through a long stay; they tended to body and soul, anticipated needs and made sure each was met with dignity, grace and humor.

We continue to receive therapy through CVPH and with their expert guidance are definitely on an upward trajectory. The dedication of the health-care community we have been privileged to encounter has made us feel both cared for and cared about.

We would not be where we are without the love and support of our families, friends and neighbors who have been at our sides through this healing process. Your prayers, visits, cards, phone calls, flowers, meals, rides and ferry tickets — your loving care and faithful concern have nurtured and sustained us.

We feel blessed to be in the midst of such kindness and generosity. As we can never repay you, we will endeavor to pay your kindnesses forward.

Your goodness lives in our hearts; we are humbled and forever in your debt.





Landslide looms

TO THE EDITOR: The Democrats are lard-rump, rat-face liars who have been squealing like stuck pigs for years that Bush’s tax cuts were tax breaks for the rich.

Now that they are about to expire, the Democrats are posing as protectors of the middle class. If the Bush tax rates were only for the rich, how can losing them hurt the middle class? Because they were across-the-board tax cuts, and the Democrats were lying sacks of excrement.

The Democrat plan is to get the Republican name on a tax increase for the rich so they can pass massive energy and VAT taxes on the middle class and then blame it on the Republicans for being too easy on the rich.

Nothing is going over the cliff; it will be a landslide that lands on the middle class.

The dirtiest of birds is not the vulture but the Democrat red-bellied tax sucker. For every dollar in tax the red-bellies suck, they excrete two dollars in spending. They have to tax the middle class because that is where the money is, and they have to blame the Republicans because that is where the patsies are.




Food stamps

TO THE EDITOR: I have a fix for what I think is misuse of food stamps.

While the swipe cards have removed some of the fraud the paper stamps brought, it has not removed, in my opinion, wasteful spending. I see people in stores buying junk on the taxpayers’ dollar. There are definitely ways to improve the system and promote healthy eating habits, but some people will not change, thus the system must.

Now for the “fix.” Stop funding the food-stamp program and reinvest the money into agriculture by paying the farmers for beans, rice and milk. As part of this change, every grocery store will have available at no charge to every person, no matter their financial status, the beans, rice and milk.

This idea provides funding for our farmers, helping a core industry in our nation; provides food for everyone, resolving hunger in our own country; and eliminates waste in the food-stamp program. I heard this on the Barry Farber radio show in the 1980s. Can this really work? I think so.