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December 4, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 4, 2012

Police budget

TO THE EDITOR: Plattsburgh Police Department budget is way out of control.

People talk about the library, Municipal Lighting Department and Fire Department; those don’t hold a candle to the Police Department, whose budget has increased from $2,523,316 in 1998 to $4,671,803 in 2011, an increase of $2,148,487.

Water and Sewer and Public Works budgets have increased from $4,009,633 to $4,493,706, up $484,073 since 1998.

The library has increased from $421,086 to $796,323, up $484,073.

The Fire Department budget has gone from $2,446,269 to $2,543,741, up $97,445, the lowest increase of all the budgets.

All of these budget figures are from 1998 to 2011, from the state of New York. The public-safety fees — revenue from tickets and fines — went from $221,609 in 1998 to $76,872, down $144,737.

Under health fees, which is ambulance calls, revenue went from $235,649 to $966,703, up $731,054.

The only budget that is out of control is the Police Department. In the Plattsburgh area, we have the County Sheriff Department, New York State Police, SUNY Campus Police and Park Police; we do not need a $5 million Police Department. Cut the police budget by one half, and get it in line with the other departments.

This open-checkbook policy puts undue stress on other city departments. Department heads have to make due with less so police can have more; it’s not right.

The mayor and counsel have done a good job with the city budget, except for the Police Department. Either someone owes a favor, or it’s an oversight, you decide. Get the police department budget under control or we will find someone who will.




Celebrating religion

TO THE EDITOR: Dear Santa, my name is “Billy” and I am age 7. My teacher wanted me to write a letter as a class project, to tell you what I want for Christmas, which I thought was weird because progressive liberals made sure my school couldn’t have a Christmas tree, replaced Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays, no reindeer or Christmas lights.

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