November 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 27, 2012


---- — Benefit contributors

TO THE EDITOR: The Board of Directors of Family Promise of Clinton County thanks the City of Plattsburgh and the Town of Plattsburgh for partnering with Family Promise to sponsor the Great Pumpkin Prediction Race held Oct. 26 at the Crete Center.

Thank you to the City of Plattsburgh for the venue, guidance and providing the personnel.

Thanks to the supporting sponsor, The Plattsburgh Lions Club; the contributing sponsors, Plattsburgh Pediatrics, Mike Simpson and Joan Lynch; and the supporting contributors, Interfaith Council of Clinton County, Giroux Poultry, Lee Appliance, Knights of Columbus, John & Pauline Premore.

Additionally, thanks to the following businesses for donating raffle items: Price Chopper, Bazzano’s Pizza, Community Bank, Stewart’s, Durocher, Imaginarium Children’s Museum, ECHO, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jade Buffet, Kneucraft Jewelry, TJ Max, Sam’s Club, North Bowl Lanes, Peru Pharmacy, Trembley’s Maple Syrup, Studio G Hair Design, Bushey’s New & Used Furniture, Guma’s Restaurant, High Peaks Dental, Rambachs Bakery, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy, Starr Maliniak, Shauna Miller.

A special thank-you to Subway, Signs Now, Banker Orchards, Rulfs Orchard, Eat Smart NY, Pepsi Bottling Co. for their contribution and to Joann Burnell, Annie McIntyre, Linda Degan, Champlain Valley Quilters for handcrafted items, Microtel and Cera Graphics.





 Disgrace, shame

TO THE EDITOR: To the future ...

Off we go to the dollar store. We can’t afford to shop at any other place anymore.

Now we’re off to one of many fast-food chain. Our stomachs are growling, but we have no choice but to ignore the pain. We can’t afford nice restaurants anymore. With the economic crash, we’re just too poor. Waiting on us are kids with a college degree and a real sad face because they can’t find gainful employment at any other place.

What’s going on in this country is a shame and a disgrace. Big business and the rich send all their jobs and money overseas. This type of foul play is spreading faster and causing more harm than any disease. The politicians point their finger at each other as they play the blame game.

What’s going on in this country is a disgrace and a shame. And what’s already happened to this country is a disgrace and a shame.




Business taxes

TO THE EDITOR: We get confusing messages on Obama’s tax plan. He tells us he doesn’t want to raise taxes on the middle class, yet he wants people making $200,000 and higher to pay a little more. That is the middle class.

As the wife of a small-businessman of more than 50 years, I can assure you this is a direct attack on the middle class. We had good years; we had our bad. But asking us to pay more means no hiring.

The insurance we have wants to raise our premiums to cover 30 million non-insured you are forcing them to take on. If I can’t cover this added “tax,”because it’s in place during the good times and the bad, I’m forced to drop insurance and go on Obamacare. If I don’t have insurance, I pay a penalty, which IRS and the Supreme Court calls a tax. I’m fined every year I don’t have Obamacare.

Expecting a refund after 2014? Good luck. To make matters worse, if I go without paying the “tax” for five years, I’m looking at jail time. Pelosi says that’s not true. Well, what happens to citizens when they don’t pay their taxes? In the case of politicians, Charlie Rangel and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geitner, nothing. But the government will put a lien on me.

You are after the middle/upper classes to support the lower-class citizens. The ones who think playing X-Box is a career and who can sleep on the sidewalk for three days to get the new iPhone but won’t stand in line an hour to fill out an application.

You are not the solution, sir. You’re the problem.




End-of-life care

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to take this time to say a special thank-you to all of the health-care agencies who helped me keep my best friend in her own home for the 13 months following her husband’s unexpected death.

Two small agencies out of Franklin County came through for us at a very difficult time, and they deserve to be mentioned. Caregivers and North Country Home Services were very helpful and were able to provide 24-hour care for Rita when we needed it most. They seldom get the credit they deserve. Keeping an ill person in their own home is a difficult task, but they were able to put the schedules together and made it work. I cannot thank them enough.

I would like to thank Hospice of the North Country out of Malone for their wonderful help at the end of Rita’s life. I had heard many great things about Hospice, and now I can speak from my own experience. They were there for all of us and did an excellent job in end-of-life care and also kept her very comfortable; for that I will be forever grateful.

Mr. Brooks mentioned in a recent Letter to the Editor that hospice appreciated the families who allowed them the privilege to come into their homes at such a sacred time. I can speak for my family and say that we appreciated them for coming to us at such a difficult time. They allowed us to help Rita in her own home, out of the hospital, and allowed her to die with the respect and dignity that she so deserved.

To Hospice, North Country Home Services and Caregivers of Malone, I say a special thank-you from the bottom of my heart.




Festival support

TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to all who made the Plattsburgh Housing Outlet Halloween Festival a success; $5,300 was raised for Ronald McDonald House in Burlington to help North Country families, many from New York.

Primelink, Lions Club, NBT Bank, Taylor Rental, CVPH Foundation, X-Treme Clean, Go! Calendars and Adirondack Siding sponsored homes and handed out safe treats to a record 800 children.

Della Honda sponsored the magician in their warm service area. District 3 gave fire-truck tours and sponsored a home.

Dunkin Donuts donated munchkins, while Westelcom and Rulf’s supplied cider. WOKO, Denton Publications and The Pennysaver provided promotional support. Plattsburgh Housing Outlet gave glowsticks for Halloween Night. Dame’s provided the tables and chairs.

MaryAnn Green, Andrew the Computer Guy, McDonald’s, Community Bank and Bob Wyand donated raffle items. SUNY Project Help provided volunteers for the day. Price Chopper gave gift cards.

We received monetary donations from business associates: Harold Way, Bill Lake, Stylecrest, Sam Seney, Manorwood Homes, Skyline, Titan, Champion, Wells Fargo, Adirondack Builder’s Association, Compton Products, Champlain National Bank, Anderson Insuring, John & Debbie Linney, Phil Green, Tom LaBombard, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Haila Conant, Dr. Joseph Odnoha, McSweeney Orthodontics, Peru Rod and Gun, Syracuse Metro, Lehr Surveyors, Plattsburgh Auto Sales, Dave Reynolds, Filion’s Painting, Champlain Valley Electric and Demag Riggers.

We have now raised more than $47,000. It was wonderful to see our community come together for such a fun and worthwhile day. Events such as this are what make the North Country special. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s generosity.


Co-owner/marketing director

Plattsburgh Housing Outlet