Letters To The Editor

May 7, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 7, 2014

Equality for women

TO THE EDITOR: The Women’s Equality Act breaks down barriers of discrimination and inequality for the women and their families in New York.

The Assembly has passed the WEA for the second year. The Senate’s support will secure its passage in 2014.

Equal pay for equal work: Women earn 84 percent of men’s salaries for the same job. Hispanic and African-American women have a greater inequality. Twice as many women as men spend their senior years in poverty.

End family discrimination: Women are denied work, promotions and raises because they are pregnant or have children. Over 80 percent of public-assistance cases are filed by women.

Ensure rights for reproductive health: New York’s laws will be the same as federal laws. Faith-based protection for medical providers is included.

Protect victims and witnesses of domestic violence crimes: Use existing technology to increase access to courts instead of testifying in the courtroom with the abuser.

Prevent sexual harassment in workplaces: Change current laws that do not apply to employers with fewer than four employees.

Access housing: Safeguard victims of crimes and low-income tenants against housing discrimination.

Fight human trafficking: Strengthen the rights of victims/survivors of sex-trafficking. Prosecute traffickers and buyers.

Women and their families need the support of the New York Senate. When the Senate passes the Women’s Equality Act, women and their families will have equal rights.

For additional information about WEA, go to facebook com/NYWomensEquality or www.nywomen’, which includes a petition to express your beliefs.




Support for Berry

TO THE EDITOR: Bonnie Berry, in my opinion, is unquestionably the most qualified candidate for a position on the Peru Central School Board.

Bonnie has extensive experience and knowledge on all levels of the Peru Central School District, from teacher to administrator.

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