Letters To The Editor

May 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 5, 2014

Dysfunctional liberals

TO THE EDITOR: Liberals are patently dysfunctional.

Hearing “let’s turn the tide” sends them scurrying to the Wal-Mart cleanser department. Little wonder their global-warming misconceptions. Dunce hats are appropriate achievement awards, symbolizing their mental uncertainties.

Climate alarmists should abandon obscure speculations and propaganda. They rely on unpredictable year-to-year climate statistics, caused by natural short-term variabilities.

Climate changes, including abrupt ones, always occurred. There has and always will be changes in climate, even without human interference; it’s a perpetual happening.

Debating this issue with liberals is like talking to street signs; there’s no meaningful feedback. Signs at least provide coherent directions, making sense by saying nothing. Nothing liberals say makes sense. They need signs; they’re lost.

If greenhouse gasses are plentiful and we’re breathing horrendous air, why higher life expectancies? Americans expect to live eight years longer than in 1970. Are more people wearing air masks or dwelling in biospheres?

Why not focus on what increased life expectancies? Whatever caused longevity is worth expanding. Forget abstract climate theories that produce no proven confirmations. We should concentrate on and fully develop proven realities.

With inclinations toward obesity, it’s beneficial saving the planet via starvation. Smaller bodies means smaller grave plots, providing greater opportunity for a liberal priority: open space. Actually, open space better describes their heads than their hopes.

Starvation is a unique way of dying; if you’re fortunate enough to be born. Liberals make first breaths difficult to achieve, unjustly dependent on a woman’s rights. They worry about the horrors of climate change; what about the barbarities of abortion clinics? There’s more deaths from fetus exterminations than foul-air fatalities.

When asked “Where are the nuts?” Tell them aisle six; detergents. Look under the pointed hats.




Sinkhole response

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to thank the Town of Plattsburgh and Town of Schuyler Falls highway departments and WPTZ for the interest and help with our sinkhole in our back yard.

We appreciate all the help.



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