Letters To The Editor

April 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 22, 2013

Refusing tests

TO THE EDITOR: Refusing the current New York state standardized test is a means of taking control of our children’s education.

Changes to Common Core Curriculum and APPR teacher evaluations are reasons for uproar. Parents need to say no to 2013 Common Core testing for anything to change.

In my opinion, Pearson is profiting by prematurely selling these exams to school districts without ample time for the state to implement the changes in curriculum, and the New York State Education Department is bullying districts into administering these high-stakes exams anyway.

Enough corruption by Pearson, businessmen and politicians! Put our education back in the hands of educators.

New York has expanded these high-stakes tests to 90 minutes per day over six days to accommodate for an unprecedented number of field questions (higher than any other state). As parents, along with teachers, we know the struggle and stress this puts on our children and the added stress on children with special needs.

The state testing program flows from the expired No Child Left Behind Act. Our children need a creative learning environment to maintain their love for learning.

Our children’s test anxiety is at an all-time high. High-stakes tests are now tied to promotion of our children (or demotion), teacher evaluations and school report card grades. How can we measure a teacher or student based on a standardized multiple-choice test?

I am asking parents and community members to help improve teaching and learning opportunities for our children. We, as parents, need to change the stakes.

Despite what you may have heard, you have the right to refuse these tests on behalf of your children. If you don’t advocate for your child, who will?




Tobacco marketing

TO THE EDITOR: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on March 18 that he is sending legislation to the City Council that would ban stores from being able to openly display tobacco products.

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