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September 17, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 17, 2012

Gallagher remembrance

TO THE EDITOR: This winter, we lost our son, Patrick Gallagher.

On Aug. 12, Patrick’s friends and family gathered for a remembrance of his life. We played nine holes of “golph” at Adirondack Golf Club and had a small meal, during which some friends spoke about Patrick. This was followed in the evening with a slide show of his life and music from the bands Yeah Bud, Lucid and Sinecure at the Monopole.

To honor Pat, we designated four of his favorite charities — Adirondack Humane Society, Elmore SPCA, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and The Waterwheel Foundation — to receive funds realized as a result events at the golf course and donations at the Monopole.

His friends who made up the planning committee and the many volunteers made this event a success. The event raised more than $3,000, and this was divided equally among the organizations.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this a successful event. Among those who donated to the event are Adirondack Golf and Country Club, The Monopole, Express Lane, UpOne Flight, Body Art, Higher Ground, Nectar’s, Adirondack Soup Company, Arnie’s Restaurant, Koto’s, NuWay Car Wash, Mountain Riders, Gioiosa’s, Joe’s Barber Shop, Pizza Hut, Pizza Palace, Woodstock’s, Eco Car Wash, Cheechako Taco, Living Goods, Maui North, Cumberland 12 Theater, Under One Roof and Lucid. Many of Patrick’s friends also donated prizes.




Preventing suicide

TO THE EDITOR: Does New York state or the federal government have a law requiring a person to report someone wanting to commit suicide?

If not, maybe there should be; after all, when a person admits to someone that they are considering suicide, they are actually looking for help. They need intervention.

Too many have died at their own hand because people around them did not believe they were serious about taking their own life. Suicide often affects the young, who should have had a very long life ahead of them. It is often brought on by bullying or a way to escape a tormented life.

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