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November 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 23, 2013

Great night

TO THE EDITOR: When I picked up the exciting story in the Lake Champlain Weekly about the rebuilt Wurlitzer theater organ in our Strand Theater, I, being a pipe organist, was one of the first to buy a ticket to the show.

I went to my Facebook page and wrote a review for my friends. Some of them suggested that I send a letter to the Press-Republican so that everyone can see what we have in our city.

The 93-minute silent film, “Phantom of the Opera” in the Strand Theatre in Plattsburgh with live organ accompaniment by Jonathan Ortloff, was sold out. 

There are no Wurlitzer theater organs like this in Burlington, across the lake or in Montreal, Canada. Jonathan, the Eastman School of Music organist graduate who also builds and plays these organs, is unparalleled in National Theater organ groups.

Yes, I was thrilled, sitting in my tuxedo with my wife, Ann. What a great night. 




Cemetery response

TO THE EDITOR: In September, the Independent Cemetery in Saranac was vandalized, with more than $8,000 in damages and many historic tombstones toppled and damaged.

Thanks to sixth-grader Mikayla St. Louis and her many helpers, she started the ball rolling with a fundraiser car wash and bake sale, raising $1,300.

Then, 11-year-old fifth-grader Landon Gokey raised $44 on Halloween by making and selling rainbow loom bracelets.

Other funds are arriving daily and other individuals have given $1,000 and $500, $100, etc., and an anonymous $1,000 was delivered also. Most have relatives buried in the cemetery.

I want to thank everyone for their generous contributions and offers of help.




Double standard

TO THE EDITOR: I noticed on Election Night some politicians who ran for office held their victory/defeat “headquarters” in local bars.

They’re the same ones who asked for tougher DWI laws.

I also noticed some, but not all, enjoyed a little drink themselves. Some of the ones who did enjoy the bubbly left without a designated driver.

So I ask law enforcement, if you can put up DWI checkpoints on Halloween for a parent whose kid is dressed as a clown, why can’t you put them up for the clowns running for office?


West Chazy

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