Letters To The Editor

July 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 19, 2013



TO THE EDITOR: Fact is that 268 people voted yes to dissolve the Village of Keeseville back in January 2013.

Fact is that a plan has been carefully devised and finally adopted. Meanwhile, the mayor says he’s 99.9 percent sure a second petition will be filed. Said petition requires 256 valid signatures to bring about another vote.

Fact is 268 people already voted to dissolve.

Are the mayor and board representing the residents or following their own agenda?

The residents of Keeseville who have a modicum of common sense will be asked to vote again — with more expense to ourselves — on an issue that has already been decided.

Well, the voters must and will decide. Dissolution is the only solution.

We are village residents for more than 35 years.






TO THE EDITOR: Our entire family would like to thank the EMTs, doctors and staff of CVPH Medical Center for the compassion and exceptional treatment provided to Leo Cote after the accident that occured on June 30.

From the time he arrived at the emergency room until the time he passed away in the Intensive Care Unit, the treatment that he received was not merely that of a patient but that of a family member.

The nurses were constantly attending him. They updated the doctors and received instructions about every 15 minutes.

Every medical decision that was made was in consultation with the family. The pros and cons of each treatment option were presented and explained. There was never any pressure, just a presentation of the medical situation and its probable outcome, plus the most likely outcome of each treatment option.

Even while dealing with the difficult medical situation, the hospital team had the presence of mind to provide food and drinks for the family members standing vigil.

We would also like to thank Fathers Reamer and Moreau, who stood vigil with the family and provided physical, spiritual and emotional support.


And family


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