Letters To The Editor

May 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 27, 2013

Tackling tornadoes

TO THE EDITOR: I predict that with American energy and ingenuity we will one day defeat tornadoes.

It might be by seeding the tornado-forming clouds with some kind of material or creating powerful mid-air explosions or some other ingenious method.

We are not the kind of people to allow the killing of innocent children and others without doing something about it. Just as President Kennedy authorized the impossible task of putting man on the moon, we will accomplish this feat as well.




E’town zoning

TO THE EDITOR: This fall, the voters of Elizabethtown will be electing a majority of a Town Council that will be voting on, therefore determining, the zoning fate of their town.

The first step in the process is called a Comprehensive Plan. A vote will occur in 2014.

A group of eight to 10 people, consisting of Planning Board members and alternates, and several community members have been working on this zoning plan. None of them have ever been appointed to the task by the Town Council, but they enjoy the support of the town supervisor. An appointment of such a group, by the Town Council is required by law.

The group has claimed the plan will not extend beyond the hamlet limits, but I fear that it will. I know that it’s been discussed.

If you’re not familiar with Hamlets 3 or Smart Growth concepts, you should become familiar with them, as they are game changers, environmentalists’ dreams. The plan contract requires these concepts. The short description being force growth to occur within the hamlet, discourage growth outside it.

The existing Town Council will probably approve this Comprehensive Plan, probably as written, because only three votes are needed. The voters and taxpayers need a Town Council that will examine this plan and adjust it to meet the needs of the community, not the needs of the environmentalists.

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