Letters To The Editor

July 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 27, 2013

Stand ground

TO THE EDITOR: Stand your ground and protect your Second Amendment, as well as the rest of them.

Also, we do have great teachers and professors, along with officers of the law, and they are here, believe it or not, to protect us and truly keep us up-to-date and safe.

Unfortunately, there will always, with every group, be some off-the-wall people that seem to go against all grains, and you and your family and me and mine do not matter. That is why I suggest to all, pay attention who you side with and who you vote for.

Our forefathers were really ordinary in their thoughts and views but they came up with the best test that anyone could have wished for: the Constitution.

Now we have cameras on every street corner or at 50,000 feet off the ground, the IRS doing their homework and you are not, the O’Bummer, Eric Holder, Charles Chuckles Schumer, Reid cleaning out old Fort Knox, and you do not say anything.

I stole some change at about 9 years old, including a candy bar, and I had to sweep out Woolworth’s for two weeks every night after school. They are at $17 trillion, and Eric Holder will try to change what six women as a jury decided in the Zimmerman case to come out in favor of Chicago or Maryland voters.

Stand your ground, starting with Plattsburgh town and city. Semper Fi to all who make the good and right changes.

By the way, bring your suggestion to the local Republican Party.




Volunteers saluted

TO THE EDITOR: As we continue with our summer programs, we would like to take a break and acknowledge our volunteers who make all of our programs possible.

This year, we had 10 baseball/softball teams participate in the county program and five instructional tee-ball teams for youths ages 5 and 6.

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